Mar 6, 2019

House Construction: Week 22

Okay, I'm hoping for one more week of house construction posts, y'all! One more week! Everything is coming together and aside from cabinets, everything that still needs to be done is minor. In my eyes anyways LOL Cabinets were suppose to go in on Friday, but they backed it up to Monday, so fingers crossed that it happens early next week. They got the stairs done, water connected to the house, the garage door installed, breakfast nook bench seating done, and the carpet put in in the upstairs bedrooms.

They still have to:

*carpet bonus room
*install cabinets
*finish plumbing
*touch up paint
*finish electrical (lights above vanity mirrors)

Other than that, we are good to go! Here's what the twenty-second week of my house construction process looked like:

The walkway would be poured the next day, so I had to mark off where I wanted it.

The hot water heater was delivered.

And also the toilets

They started staining the pieces for the stairs.

They got the transom in. Isn't it so pretty? I just love it!


They installed this vanity for the half bath and got the water connected! For the master bath and upstairs bath, the cabinet guy is making the vanity, but for this little half bath I just bought one at Lowes.

Toilets are in!

Faucets are in, but not working yet. The plumber will connect everything when the cabinets are installed.

Hot water heater is installed.

Walkway is poured.

Stairs are starting.

Stairs complete!

They added a bench seat for my breakfast nook and I just LOVE it!

The garage door is installed!

It was a VERY successful week and I am BEYOND ready to move in! :) :)

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