Jan 19, 2019

House Construction: Week 16

Happy week 16, friends! This week was majorly productive and exciting. So many things to share in this house construction update.

At the beginning of the week, the interior doors arrived :)

On Wednesday, they began hanging all of the doors, including these gorgeous French doors for the office.

I just love them so much! :) :)

On Thursday, I noticed that the brick layers had started setting up to do the exterior brick wall on the front of the house.  Also note that misty fog. That's pretty much how this entire winter has looked. I've never in my life seen so much rain. 

The brick layers were incredibly busy this week. They finished the front and back doorsteps and the front porch columns. I was very worried about the porch columns. They are really big. I think they will look better when the white top part is added though. When you aren't close to the porch they don't appear big at all. It's just when you are right next to them. But I think landscaping and completing them will make it balance out.
  I adore the doorsteps! The contractor created shelves on each side so I can sit flowers (and pumpkins during the fall) on them and use them for decor. Y'all know I'm all about some decor!

Anytime there's a rare sighting of the sun, I want to capture it. This has been the worst, rainiest winter ever! I cannot wait for spring!

The brick exterior is complete! Notice how it looks different from the foundation. I asked the brick layers about this and they assured me it will eventually match. It just has to dry out and cure. I was worried about the color of the brick when they originally laid the foundation, but it has changed a ton since then. 

Back inside, they are currently in the process of the finishing the ceilings...

And more interior doors are being hung!

I was also worried about how the doors appear ivory or beige, but apparently this is primer and the doors will be painted. I didn't realize they didn't come already painted white. I'm learning so much during this whole process, friends!

They also started window trim, which is a little detail, but so exciting!

And door trim. :) 

Another VERY exciting moment that happened this week was meeting with the cabinet guy to design the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. He did a 3D mock up for me so I could see the layout, and I love it. The granite will of course be different, and the island will have a hangover for bar stools. This just shows the placement of all the cabinets.

This is the kitchen that is my inspiration. I love all the white in it and I am obsessed with the granite color. I'm meeting with the granite guy next week to decide on that. 

So many exciting things happened this week. I know there's still so much more left to do, but I can almost start to see the light at the end of the tunnel...almost. ;)

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