Dec 1, 2018

House Construction: Week 9

We just ended week 9 and slowly but surely, things are coming together. Here's what was done this week of construction.

They started the ceiling of the back porch.

Then the next day they started on the trim on the eaves at the back of the house.

I randomly discovered they had put in one of the exterior water spigots while trying to take a picture of the front door. LOL fun surprises!

The garage door was installed.

The front door :) Currently deciding on paint colors. I'm thinking black or dark gray? They are going to case the door out wider because it looks a bit plain to me. I also had the electrician do two lights on either side to spice it up!

More electrical work.

Wires are everywhere!!

Electrical work is done officially complete. The contractor said they would finish up trim work on the exterior on Monday and the siding should be in by the first of next week, so fingers crossed that I don't completely hate the color! I'm sooo nervous about this part! 

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