Dec 18, 2018

House Construction: Week 11

Week 11 was so exciting because you can tell a noticeable different in the exterior of the house....siding! It was delivered in week 10, but there has been so much rain. Thankfully we had a few drier days and they were able to get it put up this week. I LOVE the color! I had such a hard time deciding on what I wanted to go with. I originally loved "Misty Shadow" but after researching that and talking with my contractor, I felt that was too dark with the roof color that I went with. I thought it would all be too much and look too dark. I then thought about "harbor grey" but I wanted something darker. Someone on Instagram sent me pictures of her house that had "Scottish Thistle" and I was sold! It looks grayer in the sunlight, which we haven't had much of lately! No, it isn't at all what I originally thought I'd end up with, but I love it!

**The windows aren't suppose to be checkerboard like that...the screens aren't fixed! :)

I adore the back porch. The rest of the house is vertical vinyl with shakes in the gables and brick on one part, but I wanted the shakes on the entire back porch. I LOVE how the shakes have a Cape Cod feel to them. The french doors won't be gray...they will be painted white.

They also wired for the garage door. 

And lots of ductwork for the heating and cooling system happened this week. They are getting ready to do the insulation, which means we are one step closer to drywall! I am SOOO excited about the Sheetrock stage! 

To finish week 11, my sweet Pawpaw helped me plant some trees. I bought 10 leyland cypress trees on Ebay to plant in the back yard where I had to take out some trees that I wanted to keep. Since we  have to fix the yard in the spring (because right now it's just a mud pit ha!) we planted them in the middle of the yard to keep them alive. When it's time to fix the yard in a few months, we will move them to their permanent place.

That wraps up a productive week 11 at the house!

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