Feb 25, 2019

House Construction: Week 21

Progress is slowing down a bit, but then again there isn't much left to do. The biggest thing this week was the lighting. I now have lights in the inside AND plug ins! It was so much fun seeing the house at night all lit up. :)

In other news, they finished the tile for the master bathroom. I had a pretty patterned tile picked out for this space that I just loved, but the salesperson at the tile store waited a long time to order it and then couldn't find the exact tile I wanted or anything close. I searched and searched and found the manufactor  of the tile online and she called and ordered it. THEN they mismeasured and needed to order more. When she called the company to order more, they were going to charge an extra $200 in shipping, so I ended up just using the same tile that I did in the laundry room and other bathroom. This has been one of the only disappointments in the whole process, so I'm trying not to dwell on it much. I could have stuck with that tile and just waited for it, but I'm at the point where my biggest concern is no delays. I'm so incredibly close and I just want to move in and unpack!
I talked to the cabinet guy this week and he said the cabinets are scheduled to be installed Friday, so I'm hoping that will happen on time. Fingers crossed!

Here's week 21 of my house construction process.

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