Aug 12, 2018

My House Plans

Hi friends! Today I thought I would share my house plans with y'all. I had *so* hoped to already be in the building stage at this time, but sadly there's nothing going up yet. My contractor is saying September, so I'm crossing my fingers and trying my hardest to wait patiently.

After TONS and TONS of house plan searching, I finally made a decision. It's taken a bit longer because I want the interior of a house that my contractor had just built back in the spring combined with the exterior of this house below.

Meshing the two plans together made the process a little more challenging. I worked with the architect for a month tweaking little things to get it exactly like I wanted. I am SO happy with how everything has turned out, but I'm also really anxious to get started and see some progress! 

Going into the design part of my house construction project, I had a few MUST HAVES:

-Lots of windows for natural light. My current house has a hallway bathroom and laundry room with no windows, so I knew when I designed my new house I wanted almost every room to have a window and that's just what I did! I even added a window into my walk in closet! I know my contractor thought I was crazy when I started talking about where I wanted windows LOL

-French doors going into my office. I just love the look of interior french doors, especially in the foyer. 

-A laundry room right off the garage. In my current house the garage opens into the living room and I've found that this little part of the living room stays messy with stuff that I bring in from the garage. I want a laundry room right next to the garage in the new house so it can double as a mudroom of sorts, and I can eventually get some built ins to put stuff on like shoes and bags.

-A second floor, but the master bedroom downstairs. Everyone has advised me to not do a second floor and I may regret it when I get older, but I really want a staircase to decorate during the holidays. LOL I know, that's a silly reason, but I've got my Staircase Decor board on Pinterest and I have big plans! Ha! I really wanted the staircase in the foyer, and the architect drew it up for me, but in the end I thought it would be too narrow and make the foyer feel too small, so I kept it at the side wall in the living room. I wanted the master bedroom downstairs so I wouldn't have to go upstairs every single day, but still have rooms upstairs.

-A bonus room. Since I have my TpT business/blog, I use my current office for photos and product creations and it gets so messy. I knew I wanted a separate place to work and create and then have a space that I could leave out everything that I use for products and photographing and not worry about the mess. 

-Open living room and kitchen. The house in which my interior is based off of didn't have a breakfast nook since what I'm calling the office was that house's dining room. My contractor gave me a little breakfast nook and I am tickled pink about this! I have been pinning tons of breakfast bench seating on Pinterest! 

-Huge back porch. Y'all know my favorite thing in the world is to sit on my back porch and read, so this was a big must have. The thing I'm going to miss most about my current house is my screened in back porch and deck, but I have big plans for the new outdoor space!

-Side Entry garage. I didn't realize until I started looking at house plans, but I really fell in love with the side entry garage. Plus, I love the fact that the garage with have windows because y'all know I'm all about some natural light. Even in the garage lol

Now, I'm still deciding on exterior colors, so if you have suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I'm leaning towards light/dark gray with white trim and black shutters. 

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  1. Love your exterior colors. I think you’ll be much happier with a neutral color palette and use other items to decorate. You always enjoy decorating for each holiday and celebration so use those things for your color and maintain neutral on the house. I love the layout. You did a great job! Congrats and good luck!



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