Sep 23, 2018

House Update: Week ONE

House construction has *finally* started, y'all! I can already tell this whole process is going to be a test of patience! LOL I am so incredibly excited for each step- as probably evidenced by my almost daily Instagram updates. :) I'm planning on doing a weekly update here on the blog so I can look back and remember this exciting time and also so I can share with y'all! If you want to see the house plan I finally decided on, click here

Here's what happened this past week-the first week!

I picked out my brick color-the first detail I've had to go and pick out, which was exciting and nerve wracking at the same time! Originally, my house plan had brick on the foundation and rock on the side of the house at the garage and on the porch columns. I've always had second thoughts about this, but when I went to pick out the brick, I couldn't find any rock that I just loved. I immediately chose the brick I wanted, but I was having trouble deciding on a rock. I talked with the contractor and we decided to do only brick instead of the combination of both. I'm really excited about this now! I picked out this brick with the white mortar. 

I'm now trying to decide on exterior colors. I'm doing vertical vinyl on the front and sides, with shakes on the gables and on the back porch. I want gray, but I can't decide on a darker gray or a lighter shade. In my mind the house has always been gray, but I just get so nervous about actually finalizing the color, you know?? 

At the beginning of the week, we set up the temporary power pole. This was the very first thing that happened at the land in preparation for starting the house and I was so so excited about this! I always go by the land on my way to work and when I saw the pole up, I squealed!

They got the batter boards up and marked off the layout of the foundation around Tuesday, and when I saw it, I'm not going to lie, I was really worried! I called the contractor and told him I had no idea how he was going to fit all the rooms that are on the first floor in what looks like a little space, but he assured me it would work. He said it always looks really small when you are at this part, but once the floors and walls are up, it starts to feel like the actual size. I'm absolutely horrible in math, so I'm really unsure of measurements and sizing, so I'm trusting him that it will work! :) 

The next step that was completed this week was the pouring of the foundation! It's starting to feel real!

And finally the cement blocks were delivered. We are ready to start building next week! 

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