Dec 2, 2018

Shopping for Living Room Furniture

Happy Weekend, friends! It was a rainy Saturday, and I decided to spend it at the furniture store. Let me tell y'all about my living room furniture problems over the years. 
I purchased my first house four years ago. I had never lived anywhere other than with my parents, so I had to buy all new furniture. I went shopping with my mom for a couch and chair for my living room and I got this pretty set:

I just loved how this piece looked, but boy was it not a comfy couch! I wanted something that would look pretty in my living room, but I hated sitting on this thing. Every time you would sit on it, you would eventually slide down lower and lower. After two years, I just couldn't stand it anymore and I invested in this sectional:

Y'all, I loved this sectional. It was the comfiest thing I've ever sat on. But it was also massive. When I had the plans drawn up for the new house, I quickly realized that there was no way my wonderful little sectional would fit. So, I gave it to my grandparents. This way I can still enjoy it :) :) 

But that left me with a problem of what to put in my new living room. I've been thinking about what to do and if I should just keep my uncomfortable couch that I first bought when I moved into my house four years ago or if I should get something new. My mom ended up redoing my uncle's (who passed away 2 years ago) house and needed some furniture for her living room. I gave her my little couch so the decision was made for me.  I needed to go shopping.

I actually woke up with the intention of going to get a small circular table for my breakfast nook, but I ended up finding a couch, loveseat, and a settee for the staircase wall-and circular table lol! I absolutely love the three pieces that I got because of the three couches I was looking at, what I ended up going with turned out to be the cheapest- that never happens with me! The girl working told me that Broyhill has just gone bankrupt and nothing will be restocked, so I knew I had to act quick. Before I show y'all what I finally decided on, let me share what I almost went with instead:

I love this pretty blue color and I love how it doesn't have cushions on the back. That was one thing that I hated about my first uncomfortable couch. The back cushions would never stay up. But I was worried that the color of the couch would be limiting and hard to pick out a wall color with. Plus it was a lot more expensive than the couch I ended up going with. It did have a chair to go with it, but I wasn't in love with the look of it and it was also expensive. There was also no loveseat and I really want the loveseat to go in front of the french doors in the living room, so I didn't get it. 

Here's what I ended up choosing:

Here's the layout I have in my mind of where I want the furniture placed in the living room. I'm hoping to add built ins along that back wall and frame everything around them. 

I'm so happy with my choices and I can't wait to get them in the space! Come on, February!

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