Feb 20, 2019

House Construction: Week 20

Here we are at week 20. It's mid February and my hopes of moving in this month are lessening just a bit. There's still a lot left to do and although there was a lot of progress this week, I fear it's going to be more like March when I'm moving in. *sigh* So beyond ready, friends! Here's what week 20 looked like:

They installed the shower and bath in the master bathroom, which was SO exciting!

On Tuesday, they prepped the laundry room floor for tile.

Then the next day they laid the tile in this space. 

They finished up the hardwoods.

My closet <3

Upstairs hallway

living room/kitchen

And then I finalized my decision on kitchen countertops. I debated back and forth between granite and marble...quartz was SO expensive! I like the look of marble more, but it's durability was just a little scary to me, so I went with this granite called "colonial white" I LOVE it from far away, but up close I'm not crazy about those little specks in it. Overall I think I will be happy with it. Fingers crossed. :)

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