Oct 3, 2018

House Update: Week 2

If I had to sum up week 2 of the house construction process in one word it would be RAIN. Oh my goodness y'all, I have never in my life seen so much rain. It poured Monday through Thursday and finally stopped on Friday, so there wasn't as much progress this week as there could have been, but it's all good!

This week all the blocks have been laid for the foundation.

The breakfast nook is shaping up! I am so excited for this little space. You can check out my "breakfast nook" Pinterest board here. I can't wait to decorate the bench seating with cozy cushions and pillows and complete it with a pretty white table and chairs. 

They've started placing the brick-not actually applying/putting it on, but they have started unpacking it. I was really worried when I stopped by on Friday afternoon because the bricks didn't look anything like what I had ordered. I thought for sure the wrong thing had been delivered. I went by Saturday morning while the guys were working and talked to them about it and they assured me it would look differently when they were placed. They pulled a couple and made me a little sample which made me feel much better. Y'all this process is super stressful! LOL

On Saturday I went browsing for front doors. I wanted to get an idea of what was available and prices. I love so many different doors and it's hard to just pick one. Here's my four favorite from Pinterest. I asked y'all on Instagram here to help me pick one and I loved hearing your thoughts!

I'm so excited about the front porch. When the contractor first mapped off the dimensions, I was so worried about the size of the entire house, especially the front porch. It looked so tiny- like you couldn't even get a chair on it! When the blocks were placed it started to look and feel more like the true size. Thankfully. :)

On Sunday afternoon my grandparents stopped by to check things out. They are both so excited that I will be living in the same community that they lived in for over 60 years. They go by the land/house several times a day. They have been so helpful in this process. I am so thankful and grateful that they get to experience this with me. :)

That's it for week 2! You can check out my other construction updates here. 

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