Nov 21, 2018

House Construction: Week 6

Hi friends! I'm back with my last recap post and then I will officially be caught up! Week 6 happened last week and it made the upstairs even more exciting. They finished the sides, closed in the roof, and put up the interior walls during this week of construction. When I looked at the plans I was so worried about the upstairs being too small. My wonderful contractor tweaked the roofline a bit and once it was actually constructed it looked so much better than I expected. The walls that divide the rooms and hallway went up, which made you be able to see the layout and I was tickled pink with everything! The bonus room is absolutely gigantic (I didn't realize it would be that large), which is so exciting and surprising! It's an added expense that will be more due to the size, but I'm going to go ahead and finish it because it's such a needed part of the house for my online business. I know I'll regret it if I don't go ahead and finish it now while everything else is being built. I plan on using it for product photos, product creation, and filming for Youtube videos. :)

Here's some progress pictures from last week (week 6!)

Second upstairs bedroom. I'm going to use it as my library.

Front part of the bonus room

back part of the bonus room

Upstairs bathroom

Hallway leading to the bonus room

Front upstairs bedroom, which I'll use as a guest room.

View up the top of the stairs. 

My HUGE bonus room!

I also had to decide on a roof color this week.
In the end, I decided on the solid black. I liked the two tone grayish color on the right, but I felt like it might be too busy once it was on the entire roof. Plus, I know the black will fade. They put up black tarp paper on the roof once it was closed in, and it looked like a black shingled roof already, so I was able to see what it would kind of look like. Fingers crossed that I made the right decision!

Check out more of my house construction process!

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