Nov 6, 2018

House Update: Week 4

Happy Tuesday, friends! I'm way behind on recapping house construction updates,  so we are farther along than what these pictures show. BUT for the sake of consistency, looking back on the process, and for people who are finding this post/blog through home construction and want to see the process I'm going to write this little post. 

Week 4 saw some MAJOR progress. The walls were done. The ceiling was started. And the stairs were constructed. The downstairs was completely framed at the end of this week and they were ready to begin the roof/upstairs the following week. Here's what everything looked like at this point in week 4.  :)

My office window! Well, one of them. The original plan had one front window in the office, but I wanted another because I want lots of natural light. Plus this side has the best view. :)

They framed the entire outside of the house this week, including the front side of the garage. 

The breakfast nook! This is one of my favorite little parts of the entire house. I can't wait to decorate this space and have breakfast here each morning. 

The upstairs is ready to begin!

They've finish the first part of the stairs this week and next week they will do the lower part. 

They got the back walls of the living room/breakfast nook done. The original plan had a large window and single door going out to the back porch, but I changed it at the last minute and made it have a french door and two windows, which I love and I'm so happy with the change!

The ceiling is starting to go up.

The back porch is taking shape.

Master bedroom

Last side completely framed!

The garage.

Week 4 is officially in the books. :)

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