Jan 13, 2019

House Construction: Week 15

Happy week 15, friends! This week was all about the drywall. I thought it was exciting when it was first put in last week, but now I can tell it's even better now that they have filled in the seams. It looks more like actual walls now. Drywall is what most of this week contained, but the contractor did tell me that the brick layers would be working at the beginning of next week. They have to do the front porch columns, the front doorsteps, and the front part of the house that is going to be brick. Fingers crossed that the weather holds off!

Upstairs hallway. The bonus room is straight ahead and the upstairs bathroom is to the right.

My office


Standing in the living room looking at the pantry, kitchen, and laundry room

Bonus room

Breakfast nook <3

Standing in the foyer looking at the kitchen/breakfast nook and living room

My library

Master bathroom. The vanity will be to the left, linen closet and toilet room are also to the left. The bathtub and shower are to the right and the closet is straight ahead.

Another view of the library.

Standing in the living room looking at the kitchen.

Standing in the kitchen looking at the living room. :)

Guest bedroom

Another view of the bonus room

Master bedroom

Bonus room

Laundry room

Master shower

Foyer. My office is to the left and the laundry/mudroom is to the right.



Bonus room closet/upstairs hallway

Master bathroom vanity/linen closet/toilet room


Master closet

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