Dec 21, 2018

House Construction: Week 12

It's the week before Christmas, which is why there isn't any Sheetrock yet! This week they did all the insulation though. I talked with my contractor yesterday, and he said they will start putting in drywall next week after Christmas, so I'm crossing my fingers that by this time next week I will have Sheetrock in places. This is one step I'm most excited about! I think it will help shape the inside of the house and allow me to start envisioning the rooms more. I can also start working on paint exciting! :)))))

So this week didn't have a lot of noticeable progress, but it's still progress. The brick layers were suppose to come and do the front part of the house that is going to be brick, along with the front porch columns and the doorsteps, but of course we've had more rain. It has to be the rainiest fall/winter on record. It sure feels that way! Here's a bunch of boring pictures of the insulation because that's where we're at right now! 

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