Nov 26, 2019

September Book Reviews

Playing catch up again tonight and sharing the 6 amazing books I read in September. Normally September and October are my worst reading months because of back to school time, but this year has been completely different. September was when I really got back into reading and out of my reading slump from the summer. I mean, out of the 6 books I read in September, 5 of them were 5 STARS. I don't think that has ever happened! I even read my (current) favorite read of 2019 during September. I can't wait to chat about these books, so let's get started!

Ruth Ware's newest thriller was our August pick for #lalalifebookclub, but I didn't finish it until the first of September. I have a love/hate relationship with Ruth Ware's books. I LOVED In a Dark, Dark Wood, but I struggled to finish The Woman in Cabin 10 and couldn't even get through half of The Lying Game. Needless to say, I was worried about this one. BUT, I ended up LOVING it! It's by far my favorite Ruth Ware thriller. I was completely shocked at the ending. Highly recommend! 

Rating: 5 STARS

Right now, this book is my favorite of 2019. I had an arc of this sitting on my shelf since February and I never picked it up. I finally started it this month and I could kick myself for not picking it up sooner. Oh my goodness gracious this is the sweetest love story about a girl and a guy who grew up together and have always "hated" each other....until they don't anymore. Ah! This is SUCH a swoon worthy read. I just absolutely loved it. 

Rating: 5 STARS

Immediately after finishing On the Corner of Love and Hate, I requested an early of the second book in the series, Meet Me on Love Lane. Y'all, this book is SO GOOD. It follows a friend of two main characters in OTCOLAH. It can be read as a standalone or you can even read this one first (I mean, you know the characters from the first book are going to end up together, so it's not like you're going to be spoil, you know?) This book follows Henry, an English teacher at the local high school and his relationship with his childhood best friend who moved away when they were young and moves back, but doesn't remember him. 

Rating: 5 STARS

I also read Shari Lapena's newest thriller this morning and y'all, it was BEYOND amazing. This is my newest favorite Shari Lapena book. I've loaned this one out to several friends at work and they all say the same thing-it's soooo good! If you've never read a book by this author, you need to start with this one! I've loved everything except her book from last year, An Unexpected guest. This one is unputdownable though! 

Rating 5 STARS

I also read the newest from Lauren Layne this month. If you've followed me for a while, you've heard me favorite about LL. She's my absolute favorite romance writer. I LOVE her new series called the Central Park Pact series. Love on Lexington Avenue is the second book in the series, but just like with On the Corner of Love and Hate, they can be read out of order. The third is actually my favorite in the series, but this one is SO SO good! 

Rating: 5 STARS

I don't even remember my reasoning for picking this one up when I did, because it's random for all the books I read in September and I remember there was a reason I read it when I did, but I cannot remember why lol. This is the second book in the trilogy and I read the first one a few years ago. I loved the covers, so I bought all three, but I didn't love the first one that much, so I wasn't in a rush to pick up this one. I don't remember hardly anything about the first book, but I know I enjoyed this one much more than the first. I didn't love it or anything, but it was a sweet story that made for a quick read. These are a little R rated, so be warned! I want to continue the series and read the last one, but I'm not in any hurry. I recommend this one if you're in need of a quick read, but it's definitely not a favorite or even memorable. 

Rating: 3 STARS

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