Mar 31, 2019

March Book Reviews

March has come and gone and it's time to chat with y'all about the books I read this month! March was really busy for me due to moving houses. Normally I can read a lot during Spring Break, but that wasn't the case this year. I still managed to read 6 books this month and really enjoyed all but one. Let's get started so I can share these amazing reads with y'all!

I was so excited when I found out that Jill Santopolo had a new book coming out. I absolutely LOVED her debut novel, The Light We Lost. I liked this one just okay. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. In fact, I'm struggling to even remember what it's about. I remember it dealt with a daughter and father relationship and she fell in love with someone other than her childhood boyfriend, but that's all I'm remembering about it. Clearly it wasn't a memorable one for me! I overall enjoyed it though and I recommend it. Just don't go in thinking it's going to be as good as The Light We Lost or you'll be disappointed!


I knew better than to read this book, but I did it anyways. You know how you keep hearing about a book and everyone is raving about how good it is? That was this book. It sounded like something I would not be interested in, but so many people kept recommending it to me, so I gave it a go. 

And I didn't like it. At all.

I know I'm in the minority with this one and I so hope you have better luck with it than I did. No Exit is the exact kind of thriller I don't like. It's set in one place the entire book and the characters can't escape due to a snow storm. I don't know what it is, but I'm not fan of that type of plot. So this one didn't work for me. If you don't have a problem with a one place, characters stuck setting, give this one a go!


I was thrilled to receive an ARC of Hannah Mary McKinnon's newest book, Her Secret Son. Y'all know my favorite book of 2018 was The Neighbors...seriously y'all: READ IT! Her upcoming book comes out in May and it's really good! It's about a man whose girlfriend of 5 years dies and leaves him with her son who he considers his own son. Along the way, he realizes that his girlfriend had many secrets and he sets out to find the truth. 


When I got moved into the house, I was able to sit down and start our March book for #lalalifebookclub, which was Peter Swanson's newest book Before She Met Him. Peter Swanson is my favorite thriller write. I've read all his books (except The Clock Heart one) and he is simply amazing. His latest book is no exception. Y'all, I devoured this thriller. It might be my new favorite by him. It's that good. I highly highly recommend this one!

Rating: 5 STARS

I also read an ARC of The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez. This is another one that everyone has been raving about. Y'all know I'm forever on the hunt for a good romance, so I was excited about this book. I really really liked it. There were parts of it that I didn't love, but I thought it was an engaging and cute romance with a heavier theme. Highly recommend! It comes out in June. :)

Rating: 4 STARS

I also read RS Grey's newest book, Make Me bad. RS Grey is a romance writer that I love. She write funny love stories that always make quick reads, which is something I needed with all the moving this month. While Make Me Bad wasn't my favorite by a long shot, I still enjoyed it. Bonus: her books are free on Kindle Unlimited. My favorites are Anything You Can Do and Not So Nice Guy!

Rating: 3.5 STARS

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I'd love to hear from y'all! What did you read this month? 

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