July is normally a huge reading month for me because it's summer and as a teacher, I have a little more free time (when I'm not working in my classroom or on my blog/TpT) This year, I don't know what it was, but my reading struggled in the summer. I just could not find anything I wanted to read. I decided to pick 5 books and force myself to read them to try and get out of the slump and it worked! I read half of those 5 in July and half in August. I managed to read 3 books in July, so let's chat about those today!

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC for Christina Lauren's newest book, Twice in a Blue Moon. This one comes out in October. Unsurprisingly it was fabulous! I just love CL books. This one did have a little more of a serious/less rom com feel to it, but I still loved it! Highly recommend.

I started my reread of Gods in Alabama to help me get out of the slump. This is one of my all time favorite books. I love a good southern fiction story. It read a little more literary than I remember, but I still love it. It's about a girl who moves away from her small hometown in Alabama and returns years later to reunite with her family and introduce them to her new boyfriend. I especially love the flashback parts in this one where we get to read about what happened years ago in high school to make the main character want to leave and never return.

Random House kindly sent me a copy of Cambria Brockman's debut novel, Tell Me Everything. This book has been on every summer must read list. After reading it, I can see why! It reminds me so much of Prep because it takes place at either a boarding school or a college (I'm playing catch up and writing this post in October, so I honestly can't remember which one lol...I think college) It revolves around the main character who is very socially awkward, just like the main character in Prep. I loved it! 

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