Happy July, y'all! I'm WAY behind on monthly book reviews, so I'm going to be playing catch up this week and sharing my book reviews from April, May, and June. Today I'm talking about the books I read this past month. :)

I had an ARC of Alice Feeney's newest book sitting on my shelf for months before I finally read it. You know when you hope you love a book so much that you're scared to read it because you don't want to be disappointed? That's how I was with this book. I LOVED Alice Feeney's first book, Sometimes I Lie, and I was so worried that this one wouldn't be as good. I was wrong.
This book was SO good. The ending is definitely unique and a bit controversial, but I absolutely loved it! I was left with many questions, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  

Thanks, Flatiron Books, for sending me a copy of this one!

I've been eyeing The Flatshare since the winter. I mean, how cute is this cover?? And the storyline sounded so cute, too. It's about a girl and a guy who share an apartment together, but they never actually see each other because of their work schedules, so they start leaving little notes for each other and eventually they fall in love. I really liked this one, but I didn't love it. I thought it had the potential to be much cuter than it actually was.

Mine is a thriller that is definitely action packed! It all takes place in one night and in one place-which I have discovered is not my thing. I know so many people love that kind of story, but I'm not really a fan. This one was a ton of action that led to nothing in my opinion. I really didn't like this one, but I know a lot of people who love it, so I still say give it a go! 

Thanks to Gallery books for sending me a copy of this one!

Just like with Alice Feeney's newest book, I was scared to read Liv Constantine's newest release because I loved The Last Mrs. Parrish so much. And again, I LOVED this one! I had so many theories about this one and some of them turned out true and some were total shockers. I highly recommend this thriller!

I finished out the month with an ARC of Lauren Layne's upcoming book, The Prenup. Y'all, this is my favorite LL book to date. It's such a funny and witty romance about a girl and a guy who married 10 years ago, but have lived on different coasts ever since. They come together to get divorced, but discover that their prenup says they have to live together for at least 3 months. It's such a sweet story. I highly recommend this one! :)

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