Mar 16, 2019

House Construction: Week 23&24

Hi friends! If you're keeping up with my house construction posts, you may have noticed that I skipped last week's update-week 23. That's because there wasn't one thing to post. Nothing happened that week. *sigh* We are so incredibly close right now and it's become the slowest part of the entire process. We had a lot of progress this week compared to the previous week and if the countertops go in on Tuesday like the granite guy assures me they will, then hopefully this time next week I will be moving in. Hopefully! 

Let's look back at my house construction to do list from two weeks ago:

*carpet bonus room
*install cabinets
*finish plumbing
*touch up paint
*finish electrical (lights above vanity mirrors)
*install countertops

The plumbing and electrical won't be finished until the countertops are in, but my contractor says everything should be finished up next week. Y'all don't know how much I hope that's true. I am so tired of all my stuff packed up and store away. I can't find anything I need! I'm ready to have everything in its place and be settled!

Here's some pictures from week 24 of my house construction process:

I purchased my appliances back during the Black Friday sales and Lowes held them for me until they were ready to be installed. They were delivered yesterday, which was so exciting! You can read all about which appliances I chose here

They got the kitchen cabinets installed on Monday. I really like them. After seeing them in the house, I do wish I had went with the extra white paint color instead of "brownstone white" I thought extra white would have been too neon white, but I actually think it would have matched the wall and door color better. The cabinets look a bit creamer than I wanted, but I don't dislike it enough to change it. I think it'll look good when I get everything out and decorate. :)

The glass doors are in the wrong place and have to be moved. They should be on the far right.

I just love the refrigerator! I had a side by side in my first house and my mom has a side by side right now, and I quickly learned that I was not a fan of that style! I much prefer the freezer on the bottom. 

The washer and dryer! I have a cabinet guy coming by next week to look at this room and see about cabinets. I want a built in around the washer and dryer to hide the back because it's very visible with the door being right beside it. I also want cabinets put in above it. 

The stove <3

And one more look at the refrigerator. They can't install the dishwasher until the countertops are in and the plumbing is done. I'm excited to see it though! :)

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