Y'all, February was a fabulous reading month for me. I read so many wonderful stories during the second month of 2019-especially romances. Romance is my favorite genre, but last year definitely wasn't big on romance stories for me. I'm hoping this year continues like it did this month because I read some swoon worthy stories that I can't wait to share with y'all!

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I started off the month with an ARC of the first book in Lauren Layne's upcoming series, The Central Park Pact. Lauren reached out on Instagram and told me she was sending a copy my way and I almost died, y'all! LL is my favorite romance author, and I am so honored that she sent me a copy of this book. I LOVED it so much. It was such a sweet story about a girl who moves into an apartment on Park Avenue and her next door neighbor turns out to be a boy she knew when she was little. The Anne of Green Gables and Gilbert references are perfection. Don't you just love that storyline? Passion on Park Avenue comes out in May. They just released the cover for the second book, Love on Lexington Lane, and it is gorgeous!

Release Date: May 28

Rating: 5 out of 5 STARS

I read The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory last year and was less than impressed with it. The Prospal wasn't on my radar, but when I saw it was available on Book of the Month, I decided to get it because I had a few extra credits, and I thought maybe it would be better than the first one. It sat on my shelf until Reese Witherspoon announced it as her book club pick, which was enough to make me move it to the front of the TBR pile! I sadly felt the same way about this one as I did with The Wedding Date. I just don't understand the hype with this book. I didn't connect with the characters and never became invested with the romance. This was not a favorite of the month for me. 

Rating: 2 out of 5 STARS

Gallery books sent me a copy of Christina Lauren's upcoming book, The Unhoneymooners, which comes out in May. Y'all this story was SO swoon worthy. It's officially my second favorite Christina Lauren book-Love and Other Words is my absolute favorite. This one is about a maid of honor and best man who go on the bride and groom's honeymoon because the rest of the wedding party-including the bride and groom-get sick with food poisoning. 

Release Date: May 19th

Rating: 5 out of 5 STARS

Meet Cute has been on my TBR since I first discovered it. Helena Hunting has written a lot of other books, but the only one I've read is Good Luck Charm. It was okay, but I didn't love it. I wanted to read this one because of the synopsis AND the cover. I mean, how cute is that cover? Y'all, this book is the closest thing I've read to The Hating Game (one of my all time favorites). It is the cutest, sweetest, most swoon worthy story about a girl and guy who meet in law school and then reconnect years later when the guy's parents die and leave him in charge of his 13 year old sister. I found myself grinning and smiling and literally laughing out loud at parts-just like The Hating Game.

Release Date: April 9

Rating: 5 out of 5 STARS

I took a break from all my nonstop romance books and threw in a thriller for this month. Sally Hepworth has done it again! I was a bit worried about this one because the synopsis didn't sound like something I would like. But it's Sally Hepworth, so of course I'm going to read it. Oh man, was I wrong! This is the perfect blend of thriller and more just general fiction. I had so many theories about what happened, but I ended up never guessing the end. I loved the characters in this book-even though they were all very flawed. It's just such a good story! Highly recommend!

Release Date: April 23

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 STARS

February 12 has been marked in my calendar for the longest because that's when the third book in Lauren Layne's Wall Street series was released. Two LL books in the same month?? Score! This book featured Kennedy and Kate, which have been my favorite characters in this series. Each book features a different character, but the same characters are in every book-I love those types of books. This one was so fun and sweet. My favorite of the series! If you want to start at the beginning, check out Hot Asset. :)

Release Date: already available on Kindle; Paperback- April 23

Rating: 5 out of 5 STARS

My favorite book of the year so far. Y'all Waiting for Tom Hanks was the best story! It's about a girl who is obsessed with rom coms. When a movie comes to film in her small town, she bumps into the star and falls in love. It's so swoon worthy! :)

Release Date: June 11

Rating: 5 out of 5 STARS

Our bookclub pick for February was Sophie Kinsella's newest release, I Owe You One. It wasn't my favorite Sophie Kinsella book, but I did enjoy! It's about a girl named Fixie who lets her family and a jerk named Ryan run all over her. She meets Seb, the owner of a huge business, in a coffee shop and saves his laptop from being destroyed. In return, he gives her an IOU, which turns into multiple favors back and forth. It was funny, but the main character is SO frustrating! You spend the entire book yelling at her to stop making stupid choices. The ending was wonderful though and bumped it up an entire star for me. I definitely think this one is worth the read! 

Rating: 4 out of 5 STARS

I didn't plan it, but the majority of the books I read this month were early releases. I'm so thankful for Gallery Books, Random House, Forever Publishing, and St. Martin's Press for sending me these books. It didn't affect my opinion on the books at all.

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Progress is slowing down a bit, but then again there isn't much left to do. The biggest thing this week was the lighting. I now have lights in the inside AND plug ins! It was so much fun seeing the house at night all lit up. :)

In other news, they finished the tile for the master bathroom. I had a pretty patterned tile picked out for this space that I just loved, but the salesperson at the tile store waited a long time to order it and then couldn't find the exact tile I wanted or anything close. I searched and searched and found the manufactor  of the tile online and she called and ordered it. THEN they mismeasured and needed to order more. When she called the company to order more, they were going to charge an extra $200 in shipping, so I ended up just using the same tile that I did in the laundry room and other bathroom. This has been one of the only disappointments in the whole process, so I'm trying not to dwell on it much. I could have stuck with that tile and just waited for it, but I'm at the point where my biggest concern is no delays. I'm so incredibly close and I just want to move in and unpack!
I talked to the cabinet guy this week and he said the cabinets are scheduled to be installed Friday, so I'm hoping that will happen on time. Fingers crossed!

Here's week 21 of my house construction process.

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Here we are at week 20. It's mid February and my hopes of moving in this month are lessening just a bit. There's still a lot left to do and although there was a lot of progress this week, I fear it's going to be more like March when I'm moving in. *sigh* So beyond ready, friends! Here's what week 20 looked like:

They installed the shower and bath in the master bathroom, which was SO exciting!

On Tuesday, they prepped the laundry room floor for tile.

Then the next day they laid the tile in this space. 

They finished up the hardwoods.

My closet <3

Upstairs hallway

living room/kitchen

And then I finalized my decision on kitchen countertops. I debated back and forth between granite and marble...quartz was SO expensive! I like the look of marble more, but it's durability was just a little scary to me, so I went with this granite called "colonial white" I LOVE it from far away, but up close I'm not crazy about those little specks in it. Overall I think I will be happy with it. Fingers crossed. :)

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Week 19 started slow, but by the end, there was some major progress. We are at the point where everything is pretty much a waiting game-waiting for the floors to be done, waiting for the shower and tub to be installed, waiting for the cabinets to be in. Here's what happened in the 19th week of house construction. 

At the beginning of the week, they did the exterior door knobs. They also did the front door, but I forgot to take a picture of it!

They also did the interior door knobs. Aren't they pretty? :)

By mid week, they started hanging a few of the light fixtures

And then they got the heating/cooling system working! Just in time for the hardwood to be delivered. I was worried this would cause a delay because the hardwood has to sit and acclimate in the space.

While I was at the house on Wednesday afternoon, the shower guy stopped by with samples for the shower and tub. I'm doing a marble shower and tub and I had to pick out which I wanted. I went with this one called "pearl black"

And then on Friday, the flooring was delivered! 

They started working on it on Saturday and I love it! I am so happy with the decision I went with on the floors. :) :) 

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Oh y'all, I know when I look back on this process I'm going to realize how close I was to the end of building the house, but right now it feels like I will never get moved in! The contractor is still saying February, and I am holding onto that with everything I've got! We are down to the wire, and I am just dying to be finished. I'm itching to decorate. I mean, just look at that cute Easter doormat I found. Ahh!
Here's the progress from week #18.

Lots of painting happened this week! Here is the library in Rachel Pink.

The living room (mindful gray)


Guest bedroom in Bay Waves

They also started painting the interior doors this week....

Including the french doors to the office.

Master bedroom

Library <3



Library again <3

They also worked on the heating/cooling system

And started painting the exterior doors

Slowly but surely we are getting there. Fingers crossed for February!

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