Nov 23, 2018

Friday Favs: Thanksgiving Break Edition

Hey y'all! I have done a Friday Favs post since way back in January! I don't know what it is about winter, but for some reason it makes me want to blog more. I think it's because I discovered lifestyle blogs during Thanksgiving break in either 2010 or 2011. I just love having a little extra time to sit down and share fun little snippets of my week with y'all. Teaching and my TpT business take up almost all of my time during the week, so I hardly have a chance to find the time to upload pictures and write the posts. I'm extra thankful for the week long break because now I can. :)

Here's a few highlights from my week and things that I've been loving.

My mom and I went to Target last weekend and I randomly discovered that Emily Ley had a new line at Target! What in the world? How did I not know this?? I walked away with a new desktop calendar (the floral one that I got isn't available online, but they do have this pretty pink stripe) for my home office and a new full size agenda for my TpT business. I LOVED this floral design. 

This has been my view all week. I redecorated for Christmas at the beginning of Thanksgiving break so I could enjoy it all week long. I know a lot of people are against decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I love the extra time with it!

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I've been preparing by stocking up on new holiday themed picture books. I picked up When Santa was a Baby, Pick a Pine Tree, and The Wish Tree this week. 

I've also been getting in lots of reading time this week. I started and finished The Girl He Used to Know by Tracey Garvis Graves at the beginning of the week and absolutely loved it. It doesn't come out until April, but be sure and check it out when it's released. You will love!

I also did a little shopping at Homegoods and found this gorgeous piece that would be perfect for my little home library. If only I didn't drive a small two door car. *sigh*

Even though I've done a ton of basically nothing this week, I did manage to fit in a little work. I created these new little pairing cards that are Christmas theme. They are like the pairing cards in my Pineapple Project resource. I hope to have them uploaded by Sunday afternoon.

Remember this picture from a few weeks ago on my teacher Instagram account? So many of y'all loved the car print and I immediately thought of y'all when I found these placemats last weekend.

How cute are they! I ended up getting the little red houses doormat and I passed on the car, but I am kind of having regrets about it! I just love a good doormat, don't you? LOL!

At this point in the house construction process, I feel like Lowes is my second home. 

I went on another ten million trips to Lowes this week in search of appliances. You can read all about that here. I can happily say I have purchased my appliances and don't have to stress over that anymore!

And then this happened on the way back from one of those ten million trips to Lowes this week. It definitely wasn't a fav, but I thought I'd share with y'all. As we were on our way home, I ran over an empty gas can that was in the road. I saw it right before I hit it, but there was a line of cars on the other side of the road, so I couldn't swerve to miss it. I thought I had just ran over it and knocked it out of the way, but I quickly realized that it was stuck under my car. It was actually stuck between the tire and the car. I pulled over and tried to pull it out, but it was stuck. We tried to drive home with it like that, but that wasn't going to work. We ended up pulling over at a church and my uncle came and got it out for us. It made a a small dent on the front of my car and hurt the paint a little, but it could have been worse! 

In house construction news for the week, they delivered the front door this week. When I first saw it, I'm not going to lie... I really didn't like it. I almost called and asked if I could return it, but then it started to grow on me once I went on Pinterest and found some pictures of it that I loved. I was originally thinking of painting it white, but I think that's why I don't like it right now. I think it would be much prettier in either black or a charcoal gray color. Let me know what y'all think!

They also poured the front and back porch and the garage this week. We are definitely making some progress! :)

So that was a little part of my week. Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Let the countdown to Christmas break begin! (3 weeks and 2 days!)

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