Hi friends! Several of y'all have asked for some house updates, so I thought I would share with y'all today. I'm still in the earrrrrrrrly stages of building my house. I'm talking earrrrrrrly stages. So far, I have a driveway pipe. Yep, I told you. Early stages! :)

My next step is to clear the land, but all this rain is making this step difficult. Hopefully this will get accomplished within the next few weeks. Fingers crossed. 

I've met with my contractor and gone over a few plans. I'm 95% sure of which plan I'm going with and I thought I would share it with y'all and show my thoughts on everything. I love absolutely everything about this house, but I'm so worried about it not looking like I think it will when it's actually constructed. The only picture that is online is this computer generated image, so it's a little hard to tell what the actual house would look like. I've been searching for similarly built houses to get an idea. I even marked off the dimensions on the land so I could get an idea of how big the house would be. I really wish I could see a house in person (or even a picture) that looked like this one. One contractor took me to a house that I was looking at prior to this two story one and I was very surprised at how small it felt compared to what I had in my mind. I really want to be sure of what it's going to be like before being absolutely certain that this is the house for me. I just love everything about it, but I so wish there were more images online! 

You can't really tell in the exterior picture, but there is a front porch. I posted this as a choice on an Instagram story poll a few days ago and so many of y'all messaged me about this one not having a front porch to decorate because y'all know I love to decorate a porch! :) Don't worry! There is one! 


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