Jan 1, 2018

December Book Review

December is gone, so that means it's time to review all the books I read this month. I'm trying something new this month and uploading a video instead of a blog post. Feel free to let me know your thoughts...just be kind because I'm still trying to figure out this Youtube thing! :/ ;)



  1. Great job! So natural. I like the idea of a YouTube video. Would you be able to do both in case we don't have earbuds around or for those whom would rat Read your choices?

    1. I totally agree--it's so easy for me to pull up your blog while I'm at the bookstore and quickly get a recommendation, whereas with the video, it takes a bit longer and without earbuds, can be a challenge. If I have to choose one, I would love for you to continue the reviews written out on your blog. Love the reviews, though, so I'll take them how I can get them! :)



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