Dec 8, 2017

Friday Favs

Happy Friday, y'all! I'm currently writing this while drinking coffee and sitting on the couch in PJs....that must mean it's a SNOW DAY! YAY!!!!!

Snow days are just the best, right?? There's nothing like waking up and thinking you have to go to work and then realizing you get to stay home! I'm so happy right now. :)

Here's a recap of what I'm loving this week. 

On Monday, my mom and I had to run after school to ordering some flooring for my mom's house and then go get paint. While we were in Lowes, I decided to visit the garden shop to see if they had any small table top tables for my kitchen and boy did they! I got this cute little real tree and I was tickled pink to find it! 

Wednesday I had a blonde appointment, which was MUCH NEEDED! My roots had gotten terrible and the appointment was looooong overdue! I snapped this picture as I was getting ready that morning. This hair dryer is the absolute BEST hair dryer. I got it for Christmas three years ago and I will never use anything else. It cuts drying time in half and I can really tell a difference when I don't use it. I forgot it once when I wasn't home and had to use a friend's and my hair was SO frizzy! I swear this helps with taming your hair. Ulta has a gift set right now and it's the exact set I got for Christmas! It comes with a round brush, some hair products, and a few Velcro rollers! Such a great gift.

Okay, how did I miss the fact that Vanderpump Rules had returned?! I caught up on the first episode and oh my goodness! This show is just so addicting, isn't it??

These two sweet dogs are definitely Friday favs! Reese has really come around to Libby (my Mom's little dog). She still doesn't *love* her, but she tolerates her now! LOL!

This might be my favorite of all Friday favs! Do y'all use these bags when you grocery shop? One of my absolute least favorite things to do is get groceries out of the car, but these bags make it so much easier! Seriously y' changer!

Alabama saw much cooler temperatures this week, so it was the perfect excuse to break out my new Sherpa pullover that I've been so excited about! I got it during Black Friday and I just LOVE it! 

Well of course this is a fav! I was working at my desk Sunday morning when I friend texted me that Alabama had made it into the college football playoffs! How exciting is that?! Roll Tide!!!

Sunday afternoon movie session. Someone mentioned She's All That a few weeks ago and I had been dying to rewatch it ever since. Aren't late 90s/early 2000s movies just the best?!

My mom and I went shopping last weekend and I popped into Barnes and Noble. Mom was looking everywhere for me and finally found me here- sitting in the floor, gazing up all at the books LOL I could live in a bookstore and never tire of all the books. 

Teacher friends, you understand how exciting this is, right?? This table hasn't been this clean in months! Teaching in December is just straight up crazy!

Anyone else Stranger Things obsessed??? Steve Harrington is just so swoon worthy, isn't he? :) And how cute is this shirt?? Will's name is upside down HAHAHAHA! 

Last night, we got the call that school was delayed three hours. Look at the weather app! What a fun sight! 

Then this morning, we woke up to the announcement that school was CLOSED! YAY!!!!!!!!!!
(I live in Alabama, y'all. Snow days are few and far between!)

And finally, my absolute favorite part of the week. Nothing beats a snow day. Absolutely nothing. :)

Happy Friday! :)

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