Dec 15, 2017

Friday Favs: Last Full Week Until Christmas Break!

Happy Fri-YAY, y'all! It's the last full week of school before Christmas break and Y'all, teaching is rough right now. The kids are ready to be out. The teachers are ready to be out. It's just exhausting. Two more days to go and then we can enjoy the holidays! 
Here's my favs from the week. I'm going to be honest and tell you that most of these pics are from last weekend, because this week has been so tiring that all I want to do when I get home is change into PJs and sit down to watch movies and read. The struggle is definitely real, friends!

The teachers in my building (I teach at a K-12 school that is spilt into three different buildings) all decided to bring in food today and since I am way too exhausted to cook, I ran to a local bakery after school yesterday and grab some delicious treats. :) 

On Tuesday, all eyes were on our state as we voted in a special election to fill Jeff Session's senate seat. I proudly voted for Doug Jones and am so proud of Alabama for electing him instead of Roy Moore. I finally started to feel a little hope again after such a crazy scary year. 

I am obsessed with this little early Christmas present from my sweet Mom. She surprised me with it when I got home from work Tuesday and I immediately wanted to watch ELF! You can find this cute mug here.

Saturday, my mom and I did a little Christmas shopping and I found so many fun things I didn't know I needed at Ulta (and Homegoods apparently!). I shared what I got on my Instagram stories....maybe I'll do a little update on my thoughts about the products now that I've used them for a week? Let me know if you want that! 

I finished the BEST book this week. The Last Mrs. Parrish is unputdownable. If you like thrillers, you have to grab this one. You will love. It's about a woman who befriends a wealthy woman and plots to take over her life. Think The Talented Mr. Ripley with a twist. SOOOOO good!

Yep, another picture of these grocery bags because they make unloading groceries so much easier! Also, that diet coke makes grocery shopping just a little more bearable, so it earns a spot in my Friday favs!

Technically our snow day happened last week, but I'm still loving it and so I'm sharing again, because snow days are just that important. And rare in Alabama, so we must enjoy this one as much as possible! LOL!

Tis the season for hot chocolate and toasted croissants from Starbucks! There isn't a Starbucks close to me, so I always treat myself when I'm out shopping. I love McDonald's hot chocolate, but the Starbucks ones are my favorite. The chocolate is strong and bitter at SB and soooo good. The McDonald's ones are a lot sweeter. 

I got my December ipsy in the mail yesterday and LOVED it! Some months are just "ehhh" and some months are flat out disappointments, but this month was great! The bag was super cute too!

Y'all, how cute is this Kate Spade scarf at TJ Maxx??? It's even STILL AVAILABLE online! In fact, I'm hoping Santa will bring some cute gloves and other winter goodies this year!

Happy Friday, y'all! Did I mention there's only two more school days until Christmas break?? 


  1. I love love your blog! I read every book you recommend. Thanks for all of the wonderful suggestions this year! I can’t wait to see what books (and fashion!!) the new year brings! Xo

  2. Would love the chance to read your favs :) Love your blog!



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