Dec 22, 2017

Friday Favs: Christmas Break Edition

Happy Friday, friends! It's almost Christmas time and I am one happy girl now that we get a little break from work. I love being a teacher, but right now is so stressful and we all just need a little break. I plan on using these two weeks to recharge and "remotivate" myself for the second semester!

Here's a little peek at my week, or what I documented of it. I did an awful job of taking picture this week, so this post is a little on the short side. 

Reader friends, be sure and check out my Top 13 Favorite Books of 2017 post here. There's also a giveaway that ends tonight (12/22). I'm giving away all 13 of my favorite books to one lucky winner! 

One of my sweet kids got me a gift card to Krispy Kreme and I used it to get a little hot chocolate while I was out shopping yesterday. It was heavenly! I would say it's a mix between a Starbucks hot chocolate and one from McDonald's. The Starbucks one is bitter (which I LOVE) and the McDonald's one is very sweet (which I've grown to love). This one is just right! 

This sweet girl had to have a little minor surgery again this week. The doctor says she's at the end of her road, so I'm soaking up all the time I have left with her. Thanks to the little surgery she had this week, she isn't in any pain, but I know she won't be with me much longer, which is very hard. She's currently running around and playing with my mom's little dog, so she's definitely feeling better than she was at the beginning of the week. Don't let that look of hers in the picture above fool you. She never has liked having her picture taken LOL!

We are in full Christmas mode around here!

I took this right before she went to have her surgery. She had just had a bath and wanted to lay on warm towels fresh out of the dryer, which is one of her favorite things to do. :)

Moving onto lighter topics, I realized Emily Giffin has a new book coming out this upcoming year! I haven't loved her last two books, but I have high hopes for this one! You can add it to your TBR on GoodReads here. While you're there, you can add me as a friend and see what I'm reading. 

I ordered some LUSH goodies this week! Yay!!! I absolutely love LUSH Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars. I decided to try the Christingle body conditioner that you use in the shower and I LOVE it! It's like an in shower lotion. You put it on and then rinse off and when you step out of the shower, your skin is so soft! Plus, it's got menthol in it, so it makes your skin feel cool and tingly! I can't get enough of it!

Breakfast for supper? Yes, please! Also, how cute is that Anthropologie mug?? Love!

I also ordered this ASOS sweater and it arrived this week. I love the yellow color! It also comes in tons of other colors.

Yep, I'm still loving and thinking about The Last Mrs. Parrish. Y'all, this book is just soooooo good!

I love going to the movies during the Holidays! I love going to the movies anytime of the year, but there's just something extra fun about going during Christmas time and Winter in general. There are so many good movies I want to see right now! I'm sharing trailers for the three that are on the top of my list! What are y'all dying to see?




That's all for today! I'm off to enjoy the day. Happy Friday! :)

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