Sep 22, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy happy Friday, y'all! You know how some weeks are just uneventful and dull? I feel like this week has been that way in terms of my free time outside of work because work has been so super busy this week. I don't have a ton of favorites to share for this Friday because honestly, I've been so busy in the afternoons that when I finally get home, I just want to take a shower and watch TV. I haven't even read hardly anything this week! It's just been an off week, but that's okay! 

Have y'all tried the Bath and Body Works bath bombs? I got one last week and used it this week and I really liked it. It smelled incredible (I tried the Beautiful Day one) and it turned the water a gorgeous deep blue color. I wish they were a little cheaper, but I really liked it! I'm hoping they come out with bubble bars like LUSH next!

Oh man, part of my week was my computer crashing. I had to run and get a jump drive with a huge amount of storage on it so I could quickly grab all my files and transfer them to my newer iMac computer. Which means I now have to reinstall everything! ugh! I had a unit due on September 11th and I am having to redo the entire thing, so it's of course late. Soooo frustrating!

Aren't these flowers just gorgeous?? A sweet friend brought them to me on Tuesday, which instantly made my day better and my classroom prettier! Is there anything better than fresh flowers? :)

After a 2 and a half hour DISH appointment, my TV is finally working. Y'all my satellite has been out for the longest time and I could never think to call a schedule a service appointment. I'm not a huge TV watcher, but now that college football is back, I want to watch Alabama games...Roll Tide! The TV finally got fixed yesterday and then what did I pick to watch? Netflix! haha! 

My Thursday afternoon was a 2 and 1/2 hour DISH appointment followed by grocery shopping. Ugh! I hate crazy busy afternoons like that! Coffee and flowers helped get me through the chore!

After watching the Emmy's last Sunday night, (Scratch that. I couldn't watch them live because see above post about DISH and my TV. I had to watch the highlights Monday morning) I knew I needed to read The Handmaid's Tale so I could watch the show. I started the book and was immediately hooked. I just couldn't wait to watch the show, so I started the first episode and oh my goodness. I ended up skimming the book because I couldn't stop watching this show. I just finished the first season this morning and I cannot wait for season 2 next year. I have soooo many questions and I'm dying to see more of Nick! Anyone else watch this show?? I can't stand Luke and I really want Offred/June and Nick to end up together. I fully understand this show is so much bigger than a romance, and I have many thoughts/feelings about certain things that have happened, but I just love these two characters and wish they would have a happy ending together! Side note: this is a really odd, not very popular movie, but has anyone else ever watch Elvis and Anabelle? It has Blake Lively in it and the actor that plays Nick in The Handmaid's Tale (Max Minghella). I love this movie, so I think that's why I like this character so much. In the book, he comes across as a little creepier than in the TV show and not as likable.  

I got my ipsy this week and I think it was the best one I've ever gotten. I have been looking for a blue fall nail polish like this one for the longest so I was thrilled to get it. And I am so excited about that colorpop lipstick! I've always wanted to try colorpop, but I never have. I'm always up for mascara so that was a win. I'm not that into the other products, but the first three were more than enough for me! :)

And finally it's the first official day of Fall today! Yay! If only Alabama weather would get the memo. It was 90 degrees today. What?! I want to wear boots, scarfs, and sweaters! I'm ready to switch out closets and pack away summer!   

Happy weekend, y'all! I was late about posting my What I Wore/Teacher Fashion recap on Wednesday, so look for it tomorrow :)

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