Sep 15, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Fri-YAY, y'all! I am currently writing this on Thursday night because I know I will be utterly exhausted by tomorrow afternoon because it's Friday and it's a pep rally day. You don't know exhausted until you've experienced a pep rally as a teacher. Oh goodness! 

It's been a fun week that was anything but normal. We were out on Monday and Tuesday because of Hurricane Irma, so we only had three days of work, but it feels like 10. I haven't had a plan that hasn't been taken up with meetings since last Wednesday. But, it's all good! I love the weekends because you can regroup and start over on Monday!

Here's what I loved from this week:

On Saturday, my Mom and I went shopping for fall decor. I shared what all I found in Monday's blog post.

 My favorite thing was this pumpkin candy bowl for Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday! I didn't find as much as I had hoped in the way of fall decor, but I found such cute things for Halloween! I am counting down the days until I can put this door mat on my front porch! 

Oh, LUSH! Lush is one of my absolute favorite stores in the world. The nearest store is about two hours away, and it's just not the same when you order online because you can't smell everything. I stocked up on bath bombs and bubble bars that I will be using sparingly LOL! 

I was reeeeeaaaallllly low on candles and it was time to buy fall candles anyways, so I've been watching for Bath and Body Works to have a sale because who can spend $22 on a single candle when they go on sale quite often! 

What are your go to fall candles? These are the ones I came away with...

This candle was an odd purchase for me because I usually don't pick up coffee scents. I wouldn't have even looked at it if another girl hadn't opened the lid to smell it as I was standing next to her. It smelled heavenly and I just had to have it. I lit it and placed it in the kitchen and I absolutely hate it. It has a chocolate scent to it that I just cannot get past. I'm passing it on to my cousin!

Another favorite this week has been the cool weather we had at the beginning of the week. I broke out my $12 cape from Forever 21! I bought this at the end of winter earlier this year and I regret not buying it in every other color (if it did come in multiple colors!). It is the comfiest top and for $12 the quality isn't bad! I'm keeping a check on the site to see if they restock. Crossing my fingers!

I was in Target and I saw their display on fall Glade products and I fell in love with this scent. If you like fruity smells, this is a great one to transition into fall from summer!

Do y'all love the Fitness Marshall as much as I do???? I have been checking and checking his page for a dance to Taylor Swift's new song and he uploaded it Wednesday night. I cannot wait to start learning it this weekend! His dances are so fun and a great way to workout!

Fall is almost officially here and I spent yesterday afternoon get mums for my front porch! I cannot wait to decorate it this weekend. :) 

That was some of my favorites from the week. What are you loving right now! I'd love to hear. 
Happy weekend, y'all! :)

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