Jul 1, 2017

LaLa Life Book Club: July Selections

Happy July 1st, y'all! It's time to pick our July book for book club! Now, last month was the first month for our new little book club, and not everyone had the best experience with the book (myself included!) I have researched and researched and I came up with 6 choices that I feel reeeealllly good about, so hopefully we will all have a better reading experience this month! :):):)

So here's how the book club works if you're new!

1) If you want to participate, comment on my Instagram picture (@msleslieann01) with your book choice #. I'll have a short description of each book below if you want to research to see which sounds best to you. I've never read any of these so I'm excited for any of them!

2) I'll tally up the votes and announce the winning book on Sunday night (7/2). 

3) Once we've decided on a book, it's time to read! You can post your own pictures and thoughts or just comment on my pictures. Whatever gets us discussing the books! Just be sure and use the hashtag #lalalifebookclub so that everyone that is participating that month can follow along. 

4) If you have an Instagram account and don't really post pictures but still want to participate, just comment on others! The goal is to talk about the book! 

Here's a synopsis about each book if you're trying to decide your pick!

5) Hello Sunshine (this one doesn't actually come out until 7/11)

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