May 22, 2017

Top Ten Most Anticipated Books of Summer 2017

Hi y'all! Summer is almost here (yes, that's probably the billionth time I've mentioned this fact...can you tell I'm excited????) That means I'm gearing up for some much needed time out in the sun, tanning and reading! Today I'm sharing my top 10 summer books that I am most excited for! Click the link to add them to your Goodreads shelf (and friend me! I LOVE Goodreads!)

Y’all know my favorite genre is Romance and one of my favorite tropes has to be the hate to love storyline. The Hating Game was one of my absolute favorite books of last year (and now all time!), so I’m constantly on the pursuit of a book that recreates that feel. Dating You/Hating You sounds like it could be a fabulous book. It’s by the author(s) of the Beautiful Bastard series. I read the first one in the series (there are tons!) and I liked it, but I didn’t love it. I’m hoping this one is a winner because it sounds so cute!

 I have to be in the mood for a thriller and summer isn’t usually the time I read these kinds of books, but there are so many thrillers that are coming out this summer that sound soooo good! This one sounds like a thriller version of The Breakfast Club. Plus, the cover is gorgeous! 

Okay, this might be my favorite cover ever! I LOVED Laura Dave’s book Eight Hundred Grapes and this one sounds like it could be even better. It’s about a successful culinary star with a huge online following who has everything going for her until she gets hacked. I can’t wait to read this one!

Another thriller! Ruth Ware wrote In a Dark Dark Wood and The Woman in Cabin 10. I really liked the first one and just thought the second one was okay, so I’m anxious to read this one. It’s about a group of friends who have secrets. The main character receives a text from one of the friends that simply says “I need you” and so she returns home. It sounds kind of like Pretty Little Liars…

K.A.Tucker is an author who I really enjoy. She isn’t a favorite of mine, but I’m always interested in her books. They are usually quick, new adult reads that I can quickly get through during the busy school year. Her newest book sounds really good. It’s about a girl who saves a man’s life and the man turns out to be a celebrity of sorts. 

 I love a good magical realism story-when it’s done right. This one sounds like it’s going to be really good! It’s about a girl who divorces her husband and he dies 10 months later. She goes to their summer house and he shows up trying to rewrite the past now that he’s seen the error in his ways…now that he’s dead. I have my fingers crossed that this one turns out good!

 Okay, I read Erin Watt’s book The Paper Princess and absolutely hated it. I thought it was so vulgar and unrealistic. I’m really hesitant to read this one, but it sounds good and I’m hoping it redeems the author for me. It’s about a celebrity who needs to makeover himself over so he gets a fake girlfriend and the two struggle not to fall in love…another favorite type of romance!

nother hate to love story…in young adult form! This one is about a girl whose parents arrange a marriage for her and she hates the “groom”. This one sounds like it will be so cute! Fingers crossed!

This one might have the most intriguing plot of all these on the list. It’s about a girl who picks up her child from school. She sees a high school boy cross the street and she waves at him. As he waves back, he doesn’t see an approaching car and is ran over and killed. The mother struggles to get over her role in the accident and starts to befriend the boy’s father. Sounds so good, right??

Oh Sarah Dessen, I use to LOVE Sarah Dessen when I was in college and discovered her during a Teaching Literature course. She was always my go to author. An author that I knew I would love anything she wrote…until I read The Moon and More and hated it! This one sounds like the old Sarah Dessen though…and I’m a sucker for a good wedding story! 

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