May 12, 2017

Friday Favorites

Friends, this week has just about killed me. I feel like I've been run over by a truck. May is always crazy for teachers, but this week has been FILLED with school events. I had a banquet on Monday night, a field trip on Tuesday, an in school scrimmage game on Wednesday, May Day on Thursday, and another field trip today. I cannot even think at this point. I'm writing this post on Thursday night so it will go up tomorrow (Friday) morning and I think it's safe to say after being in the woods with 51 11 year olds all day, I'll be in bed by 7pm! This field trip is called "Classroom in the Forest" so it's an outdoors field trip. I only like the outdoors if I'm on a porch with a good book. ;) And they're calling for rain in the morning, so I'm anticipating a crazy day!

What better way to kick off Friday Favorites than with a fun straw hat! I found this one at Ross's. I'm all about some big straw hats. Reese didn't really know what to think. LOL

Is there anything better than browsing books at Target?? My mom snapped this pic while we were there last weekend. It turned cold for early May here in Alabama and I had to break out a sweater again. Since it was so cold, we decided that was all the excuse we needed for a Target trip! 

I had several questions about my self tanner on Instagram and then my cousin texted and asked about it so I snapped a pic for her and then I thought I'd share with y'all. This is the BEST self tanner I've found! It's the bronzing mousse and I apply it with a mitt. I usually get the Ulta brand mitts because they can be used on both sides and are cheaper than the St. Tropez ones. FYI: I tried the black tube of this self tanner and hated it! Another blogger said they preferred it over this one, but it was WAY TOO DARK and streaking! Yuck!

Last week I mentioned I was rereading the To All the Boys I've Loved Before series before reading the newest book. I finished the first one and I moved onto the second and finished it this week. I've just started the third and final book and it immediately began with a cute Peter and Laura Jean moment. I can't wait to sit down and really dig into it!

My absolute favorite from this week has to be my freshly painted screened in back porch. The painters arrived bright and early Wednesday morning and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. I'm going to whip up some pillows to go with my decor and hopefully the weather will be pretty enough for me to decorate it Saturday. Fingers crossed! :)

Yep. Still obsessed with Thirteen Reasons Why. I'm only 2 episodes away from finishing it and I cannot stop thinking about everything. I'm so confused as to how I feel about everything. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Reese Witherspoon just posted about this book on Instagram and it sounds so good! I have already reserved my copy at the bookstore. 

I just ran out of this skin cleanser and I need to order another. This product is a hold grail cleanser. I use it after I take my makeover off with a cheap cleanser. I use it to go back over my face and get any remnants left behind. It is soooo good!

This was the funniest thing this week. 

I was shocked and sadden when I read this article about one of my favorite TV shows. 

I ordered these two pillows to complete my new back porch makeover! One arrived yesterday and the other ships today. I have no idea why they were shipped separately??? LOL

That's all I got, y'all! It's officially time to call it a week and recharge! Happy weekend!

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