May 9, 2017

Disappointing LUSH Products

No one is a bigger fan of LUSH than me. I love treating myself to a new bath bomb or shower scrub and LUSH is my absolute favorite place to splurge. And so it pains me to say that I haven’t fallen in love with everything I’ve tried from there. Today I’m sharing some of my biggest LUSH fails. I’d love to hear what LUSH products you love/hate. I always love trying out new products! 

{1} Prince Charming Shower Cream

This shower cream was a limited edition that LUSH came out with back in February during Valentines day. I went into the store and smelled the tester and loved the scent. But I didn't purchase it because I already had way too many things in my basket! I immediately regretted it. I live about an hour and a half from the closest store and I just knew I had missed my chance to own this pretty pink great smelling shower wash. I ended up returning to the store a few weeks later when I was in town unexpectedly and they only had a few left. The girl told me that they wouldn't be restocking i`t since it was limited edition so I took it as a sign that I was meant to buy it. 
Fast forward to my first time actually using it in the shower and I HATED it! First of all, when I smelled it in the store, the scent must have mixed with all the other products in the store and masked it's true smell. -I find this happens a lot at Bath and Body Works too. I can smell a product at BBW and love it but feel completely different about it when I get it home.- Secondly, the pink color creates a MESS in the shower! I was sadly not impressed with this one.  

{2} Volcano Foot Mask
Now, let me start off on this one by saying it does work really well and it feels great after you use it! With this foot mask, you are suppose to apply it to your clean feet for 10 minutes. I love how my feet feel after I use this. It's like they are cold and hot at the same time. What makes this a disappointing product for me is the fact that it dries out in the container almost immediately after you first open it. I thought this might have just been a bad container so I repurchase it because, like I said, I really do think it does a good job. But the second container did the exact same thing. I'm on the hunt for another foot mask now!

{3} Cup O'Coffee Face Mask
I love a good face mask and a good cup of coffee, so when I saw this one in the store, I thought it was a match made in heaven for me. Oh my goodness this mask stinks! It smells exactly like coffee, but not the good kind! It was SO STRONG that I couldn't leave it on for longer than 5 minutes. I hated this one!

{4}Tea Tree Water Toner
This toner water has a cult following, so I purchased it to see what all the fuss was about. I don't get it. It didn't do anything for my face and it left it feeling sticky! Yuck! I much prefer this toner.

{5} Big Blue Bath Bomb
LUSH bath bombs are quite possibly my favorite thing in the world. There's nothing better than taking a bath and using a bath bomb. This bath bomb, however, creates the biggest mess you've ever seen! Inside the bomb are tiny pieces of seaweed and when you drain the tub, the seaweed sticks to the bottom and it takes forever to clean up. I HATE this! The bath bomb is great other than this fact, but because of this I will not repurchase it. The Easter Bunny didn't know this and so I have one to use, but it will be my last!

{6} Dream Cream Body Lotion (not pictured)
The Dreamwash scent from LUSH is one of my most favorite scents of all time! In fact, the Dreamwash shower skin conditioner is probably my favorite LUSH product. I thought the lotion would be a no brainer, but I hated it! The scent is great, but the formula is SO greasy! I couldn't even stand to just use it at night. I had to give it away because it was wasting away sitting on my counter. I wish they would create a lighter version of this lotion because the scent is wonderful!

So, that's what I definitely don't love at LUSH! What about you? Do you have any not so fav products from LUSH? I'd love to hear about them or your FAVS!

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