Apr 24, 2017

Hallway Bathroom Mini Makeover

Hi friends! Today I'm sharing a mini makeover of my hallway bathroom. I've been hesitant to show pictures of unfinished spaces of my house, but I like the idea of having pictures to look back on after all the projects are complete! Plus, there's always something to be done and if I wait on everything to be picture perfect, I'd never have anything to share with y'all! So while this bathroom is very much NOT what I want it to be, I'm happy with what it is now! :)

When I bought this house, the bathrooms were a drawback. There are two in the house, which is plenty for me, but they are incredibility small. Living with these small spaces has definitely shown me how important it is to have a larger bathroom. When I build my next house, I'm going to make sure and have a HUGE bathroom! :) 

Major projects still on the to do list:

* painting (the previous owners painted this hallway bathroom a light brown color as you can see. I don't hate this color, but it definitely isn't what I would have picked. It needs something brighter and fresh! 
* Cabinet redo- I absolutely hate the bathroom cabinet. The drawers are awkward and don't hold much of anything and behind the cabinet doors needs some serious organizational shelving because it's pretty much a wide open space. It also needs to be painted! The wood look isn't my taste and I think it would look so much better in white. I would love to get to this project in the summer! 

This was taken from the door. To the left is the shower, so you can see what a tight space this room is. 
Now let's talk decor! I just love these two pictures! When I purchased them, I had no intention of putting them in the hallway bathroom, but when I started redecorating the space, I realized that these fun folk art pictures would liven up the room and brighten the area up!

I found these two paintings a local arts and crafts festival last summer with my mom. The artist is named Marian Baker and she sells at local festivals around the south. She has an Etsy store, but it only has a small number of paintings. When I visited her booth at the festival, she had TONS to choose from. 
What I loved most about this artist was the fact that she had a story to go along with each painting and she would tell you as you were looking at them. The idea of the painting of the flowers below came from a little girl that she met at a festival. The girl drew her a picture of some flowers on the back of a gum wrapper and Marian took the idea and used it to create this painting. 
If you look closely, you can see that she has used recycled pieces in each painting. I love that the vase is made from a page from an old book!  

I found the galvanized bucket at a local hardware store and the greenery at TJ Maxx. 

I used a plate rack to display towels. I've also seen people use a wine rack before! I spray painted this one black, but I wish I had done it in white. Summer project! 

No bathroom is complete without Lush bath bombs! I bought this jar at TJ Maxx and use it to keep my bath bombs in. The smaller jar contains epson salt which I put in my baths when I don't use a bath bomb. I could use a bath bomb every single day, but that could quickly become expensive so I try and change it up! :)

I hate a cluttered countertop, but I've found if I keep my products out, I am more likely to use them! I keep the products that I use on a daily basis at night after my bath here in this tray. 

I just changed out shower curtains and I love this new one! I found it in the kids section at Target. I also bought a mint green rug to match. 

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