Mar 13, 2017

6 Holy Grail Beauty Products

Today's post is all about beauty! I love discovering new products and I thought I would share my absolute favorites today. These are products that I've used for a looonnng time and I keep coming back to them. Some are pretty pricy, but trust me, they are well worth the money!

Let me tell you, I think I've tried every facial moisturizer out there. My face is very sensitive and very oily. Most facial moisturizers feel like they sit on top of my skin and never actually sink into it. I hate that feeling! The Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer is the only one I've found that feels good when I apply it and I can tell a noticeable difference when I use it. It's very pricey (to me) and doesn't last a long time, but since it's the only thing I've found that I can use, it's well worth the investment for me!
Scrubs transform my skin! I know you probably aren't suppose to use them daily, but I can't help it. I love how my skin feels after showering when I use a scrub and the c. Booth sea salt scrub is my favorite! A close second would be the Tree Hut scrubs. Both are inexpensive and at Ulta, they are often on sale for BOGO. 
This was a gift from Santa and it quickly became my favorite lotion. It's lightweight, but does the job. And the smell is amazing. It's light, fresh, and clean smelling. I use it year round, but I especially love it for summer!
Just like scrubs transform my skin, exfoliating facial washes transform my face. I can always tell a difference when I use a facial exfoliator. It makes your face squeaky clean when you use it. This one from Philosophy is my favorite, but if you're looking for a cheaper option, I also really like the positively radiant daily scrub from Aveeno

Notice a trend here? Another scrub! I discovered the power of hand scrubs way back in high school when I started using this one from Bath and Body Works. I loved this one because it contains glycerin and makes your hands look and feel amazing. When I realized Lush carried a hand scrub, I immediately ordered it. I LOVE it! It smells exactly like summer and makes your hands look great. I use this after I paint my nails to finish off my manicure! Love!
I know, I know. $24 for a lip balm is crazy. That's what I thought too when I read about this product from another blogger. But I got a little sample size from Sephora shortly after first hearing about it and after using the sample, I was convinced that it was life changing. And it is. I keep this by my bed and apply it every night. I couldn't tell you the last time I had chapped lips. This is the only lip balm I've ever repurchased. Nothing is comparable. Seriously, y'all! Amazing! 

Okay, I want to hear your favorite beauty products! What can you not live without?? :) :)
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