Happy Wednesday, y'all! Since it's the midway point of the week, I'm sharing what I wore last week! I've linked everything I can still find on the internet in case anyone was wondering where certain pieces were from :) Last week was freezing cold at the beginning of the week, but by the weekend, it was gorgeous! Thus, a variety of outfits! :) 

jacket (TJ Maxx) // white shirt // shoes (Tory Burch, old) // necklaces (Charming Charlie's // clutch

sweatshirt (mens and I sized up to make it more of a tunic length // pants // shoes // tote // 

top (Tea n Rose, bought at a local boutique) // pants // rainboots (old, similar here) // purse // necklaces (TJ Maxx)

top // scarf (Lilly Pulitzer for Target) // shoes // pants // sunglasses

top (Puma found at TJ Maxx) // yoga pants // running shoes // running watch

Y'all, I'm having a major obsession with earrings at the moment. There are so many pretty ones out there right now and I thought I would share some of my favorites with y'all and some that I am dying to get! Hopefully the Easter bunny is reading this! ;) ;)

Now these beauties are on my wishlist!
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

And for those asking about the link to my cheaper Free People version dress, you can find it here! I have the short sleeve version, which I couldn't find online. I found it at a local boutique. I have grown to LOVE this Umgee brand! Lots of local boutiques carry it and I've found some fun pieces from this brand. Check out their huge selection on Amazon. 

Free People Version ($168!) (I do LOVE that pink color though!)

Happy Tuesday!

Happy first day of spring, y'all! I am so excited about the warmer weather being here! I know we will probably have some more cold weather, but I'm living in my own little bubble and pretending it's blue skies and sunny days from here on out! LOL!

Today's post is all about my front porch. I decorated for spring yesterday and I thought I'd share with y'all. I love changing out the decor on my front porch as the seasons change. :)

Topiaries- Wal Mart (recent)
Planters- Hobby Lobby (last year)
bunny pillow- Kirklands (recent)
metal egg- a gift, so I'm not sure where it is from! 

As I was working yesterday, I noticed my house was in desperate need of pressure washing! I immediately texted my landscaper to schedule. :)

blue bunny pillow- Kirklands (last year)
Topiary- Pier Imports (recent) 
bunnies- bought at a local store (Myrtle Janes)

I just love this sign. I bought it at a local store, but the artist has a website that you can place orders on. I bought one of her paintings during Christmas and loved it. She has the cutest stuff and has just signed a deal with Hobby Lobby! 

Are these not the cutest! I just couldn't pass them up! 

My amazing secret sister gave me this pillow last year and I LOVE it! Every time I walk by it, I smile :)

Don't mind that awful lack of landscaping! That's on the to do list this season! 

:) :) So happy this season has arrived! 

It's Friday, y'all! Whoo Hoo! I'm rounding up some of my favorites from the week to share today. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Ed Sheeran's new album has been on repeat pretty much the entire week. I'm obsessed with New Man and Galway Girl. And Happier. And Supermarket Flowers. Actually all of it. 

This one is a little random, but I have been loving The Middle this season. It's one of my favorite TV shows. Tuesday night's episode was fantastic and featured all of Axel's ex girlfriends. I really hope he and Lexi get together before the end of the season along with Sue and Shawn. Anyone else love this show??

I bought this bookshelf at a local antique store this past weekend and I've been looking for the perfect knobs for the drawers. I'm currently leaning towards these 5 below. Feel free to let me know which you like!

At the same store, I also came away with these pretty little Easter decor. This local store is in Fort Payne, Alabama and is called Myrtle Janes. It is the neatest store and I just love shopping there. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram. They do a great job of updating their social media daily so you can see new items as they arrive. 

Are these earrings not the cutest things ever?? They are available for preorder and won't ship until May, which made me incredibly sad because I want them now! I ordered these (in purple) instead. 

I usually don't have much luck with Target shoes, but they have been killin' it lately! I went a little crazy this past weekend, but how gorgeous are these! Love, love, love! Now if it would just turn warmer again! 

I don't know about you, but I cannot wait for the new Beauty and the Beast movie! Here's a little something to entertain you as you wait to see the real thing! Who doesn't love James Corden??

Happy Friday, y'all!

Hi friends! Today's post is for all you readers out there. Y'all know I'm a huge reader and one of my favorite genres has to be romance. I'm a sucker for a good love story and I'm sharing some of my all time favorites with y'all today! 
Follow my on GoodReads to see what I'm reading and follow my bookstagram account to see pictures! :)

The selection series is one of my all time favorite series. It's the perfect cross between The Hunger Games and The Bachelor. I adore the romance in this book and I love the fact that it reads like a Bachelor TV from the future. The first three books are pretty much perfection (except for Aspen). The series should have stopped at the third. The author went on to write two more and they are awful (in my opinion). 

I discovered Alessandra Torre back in the summer and I just love her books. I've read Love, Chloe, Hollywood Dirt, and moonshot. Moonshot is my favorite, but I just adore the cover of Love, Chloe (the book is great,too!) This one is about a privileged girl who loses her money and has to make it own her own. She moves apartments in NYC and falls in love with her neighbor. Such a sweet story. :)

Lauren Layne is one of my very favorite romance authors. She's written a ton of books, but her wedding belle series is the only one that is available in paperback. All her other books are available as ebooks. That isn't my favorite way to read, but for Lauren Layne I'll force myself! She writes different series that feature the same set of characters. I LOVE finding new series like this. Be sure and check out her Oxford series. It's another favorite. My absolute favorite book by her is her newest one: Love Story. It's about a road trip with two characters who have grown up with each other but had a falling out years ago. So good!

I read The Hating Game back in August and I can safely say it is now one of my top 10 favorite books of all time. There is just something about this book that made me grin the entire time I was reading it. I even laughed out loud several times and I never do that. I love, love, love this book. If you only read one book this entire year, I beg you to try this one! 

If you're looking for a sweet story about first love, look no further than Jenny Hann's To All the Boys I've Loved Before. This book reminds me of a 1950's high school love story. I mean, the main characters' names are Peter and Laura Jean. I love this story. It originally was suppose to be a duo -logy, but there is a third book coming out in May. 

This one spans over 4 years, which I normally hate, but with this book it worked. This story follows a girl who gets her book of poetry turned into a movie that is being produced by a hot Hollywood actor. The two characters fall in love after what begins as just a fling. There was just something about this one that I loved. 

Okay, if you haven't heard about Colleen Hoover, you must be living under a rock. CH books are addictive and always have a shocking twist. November 9 is my favorite of her books. This one follows two characters and how they meet on the same day every year. It sounds like One Day, which I didn't love that much, but this one is fabulous. I NEVER saw the twist coming and had serious doubts about the two characters getting together at the end. Such a good book!

When I read this book, I thought R.S. Grey was going to be my new go to author. Then I read 3 other by her and didn't love them. But this one is SO GOOD. It's about two people who have grown up with each other and have hated each other for as long as they can remember. They go away to college and both become doctors. They return to their hometown and start working at the same place. It reminded me of The Hating Game. I loved this one! 

It's Wednesday, so that means it's time for a weekly fashion recap! I've been watching what I eat and trying to become more active and as part of my motivation, I've been documenting my daily outfits on Instagram. I'm going to start recapping the week's fashion here so I can provide the link to things since some of my Instagram followers have been asking where I found some of the pieces I've been wearing. :)
Let me tell you, since I've started doing this, I've been utilizing so much more of my closets! I'm having so much fun rediscovering my love of fashion! 

***Wednesday was a teacher work day, so I just dressed in jeans and a pullover top...Nothing exciting so I didn't photograph it ;)

top (from a local boutique, but the brand is Tea n Rose) // jeans (the link only shoes a darker wash, but these are the lightest wash that they had in stores // shoes // clutch // necklace // necklace

top // pants // shoes // handbag (Kate Spade, old)

top // pants // shoes (tory burch, old similar here) // handbag // necklace // necklace // necklace
 // necklace

top (local boutique, brand is Tea N Rose) // pants // shoes // handbag (old, but currently on Ebay!) // scarf (not sure what this print is, but I linked a similar!) 

top and cardigan/shrug from a local boutique // jeans // shoes // necklace // necklace // necklace // clutch

Hi friends! Today's post is for my fellow teachers. I love seeing what's in other teacher's bags so I thought I would share what's in mine! Let me know if you want to see what's in my purse! :)

We have to start with the bag, of course. I always change up my handbags and my totes are no exception. Currently I am using my Totes Y'all Vanderbilt tote from Draper James. I adore anything Reese Witherspoon creates so when I saw this on the Draper James website, I knew I had to have it. You can find this bag here

Now let's look at what all I carry with me to and from school.

I always have a notebook with me so I can jot down ideas and to do lists. I found this Lilly Pulitzer one at Swoozies. I also carry my school planner with me. I talk about how I use a regular planner for lessons over on my teaching blog here. I used to use these types of planners as lesson planners but we started using Planbook at my school this year, so now I just do lesson plans online. If you want to see how I made lesson plans in planners in the past, you can read this post

I always carry around a copy of the common core standards. I'm currently working on academic vocabulary cards for these standards so I like having a physical copy of them with me even though you can find them online. I always use this site because they are laid out in an easy to see format. 

I ALWAYS carry this book in my teacher bag. If you follow my teacher instagram, you know how obsessed I am with this book. Hands down the best professional development book out there. Jennifer just published a writing version of this book and it's equally amazing. Love, love, love! If you don't own this book, click here and purchase it. You will not regret it!

I also like to carry around my laptop and phone (of course!). Sometimes I end up going somewhere after school and if I have any down time, I don't want to be without my computer in case I have some time to work. I bought this small macbook right after Christmas in rose gold and absolutely love it. It's very lightweight so it's easy to travel with! 

I always keep this small bag inside to carry pens, highlighters, etc. I just love this bag. It was a free gift with purchase on the Lilly Pulitzer website back in the summer. 

I always make sure I keep spare ponytail holders in this bag. I HATE when you have the feeling that you need to put your hair up but don't have anything to use. 

The bag has two small compartments on the side and I use them to keep page flags, post its, and paper clips. 

So that's what's in my teacher bag (for the moment, anyways!) What do you carry in yours? I'd love to know! Leave a comment below so we can all get some new ideas! 


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