Jan 30, 2017

January Reading Wrap Up

Y'all, January was a great reading month for me! I read a total of 10 books and I didn't hate one of them! I read so many great books and I cannot wait to share with y'all. 

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This one is a slow burning thriller that Reese Witherspoon instagrammed. I LOVED this book! It's about a guy who returns to his hometown after his best friend has apparently murdered his family and then killed himself. This book wasn't action packed, but it slowly built the story in a way that left you not being able to put the book down. I could not wait to figure out what happened. Soooo good!

This book blew me away! It's about a girl who is engaged to her childhood sweetheart. He disappears on a boating trip and is presumed dead, but the main character can't let it go. She goes on a quest to find him and bring him back home. I did not expect the turn this book took and I LOVED it! The sequel comes out in July!

I read The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson last January and it quickly became one of my favorite thrillers. I was so excited to get my hands on his newest book Her Every Fear. While it wasn't as good as TKWK, I still loved it! It's about a girl who switches apartments with a cousin whom she's never met before. When she arrives, the girl who lives right across from her cousin is found dead and the cousin is a suspect. I couldn't wait to figure out how this one ended and loved every minute of it!

This one was a strange read for me. I'm not into paranormal books and this one was about a girl who falls in love with her guardian angel. It was odd. Parts of it I liked, but parts were just odd and rushed. I didn't hate it, but it was definitely my least favorite read. This author is turning out to be a hit or miss for me. I loved Before We Were Strangers, but didn't really like Swear On This Life

This month I also read this series. I HATE the titles and the covers because they make the series sound so much different than what it really is.Don't get me wrong, they are definitely adult book, but it's not like Fifty Shades of Grey! I love romance books like this because it follows the same characters for a long period of time. And the characters in this story are just so fun!

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  1. Great recommendations...thanks! I put several on my TBR list!



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