Dec 20, 2016

Netflix Christmas Movies You Should Watch

Tis the season to watch cheesy Netflix movies! I've watched more of these types of movies this year than I ever have. I thought I'd share my favorites with y'all! Let me know if you've seen any of these or if you have any that I should watch. :)

One of my favorites has to be 12 Dates of Christmas. It originally came on ABC Family, but I watched it for the first time on Netflix. It's about a girl who keeps repeating Christmas Eve for 12 days until she uneventfully gets it right.  It has Zack Morris in it...need I say more?

I also LOVE Holiday Engagement. It's about a girl who breaks up with her boyfriend right before she has to go home. She doesn't want to go alone, so she asks a guy to pretend to be her fiance. The female lead is kinda annoying, but the male lead is cute!

I watched The Spirit of Christmas over the weekend and really liked it! It's about a guy who is kinda like a ghost, but he only returns to this inn for 2 weeks during Christmas. One of the real estate agents or lawyers (I can't remember) comes to the inn and meets the "ghost". 

I watched Dear Santa last year and I loved it! Extremely cheesy, but really cute!

Okay, this one is really good if you can get past the fact that the male lead isn't that cute. Maybe it's just me though. This one is about a girl who works for an awful boss. The girl kisses her boss's boyfriend in the elevator without knowing who he is. There's a sequel that is awful, but this one is kind of cute.

I'm not completely sure this one is on Netflix. I recorded it from some channel called Up!
There's a lot of bad acting, but the male lead is a cross between Wade from Hart of Dixie and the guy from Sweet Home Alabama. Basically all you need to know in order to go watch it LOL

I'd love to hear your recommendations! 


  1. The heart of Christmas had me crying for most of it, but a beautiful message! How Sarah got her Wings was pretty cute too!

  2. I haven't seen any of this ones and I *LOVE* cheesey romantic Christmas movies. My favourites (not on Netflix though... think mostly Hallmark/Lifetime/Bravo) are:
    1. One Starry Night--an astronomy professor falls in love with a cowboy she meets on a bus ride home for Christmas. So cheesey but LOVE this one. George Canyon cameos and sings a beautiful song.
    2. A Gift Wrapped Christmas--a personal shopper falls in love with her single father client. So cute!
    3. Christmas on the Bayou--fans of One Tree Hill will recognize the two leads. Single mom goes home for Christmas and falls for her childhood love.
    4. Christmas Land--big city girl inherits her grandma's Christmas estate and falls in love with it (and the cute small town lawyer).
    5. The Misteltoe Promise--two Christmas haters form a fake relationship for the holidays (and spoiler... fall in love!)
    6. Just in Time for Christmas--offered a dream job and a proposal from her bf on the same night, a girl sees what her life would be like if she went down either path.

    That's all I've got for now. I still have a bunch on my PVR that I need to watch before Christmas!! :)

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