Nov 15, 2016

The Reading Slump

Friends, I am in the middle of a huge reading slump. I can't seem to find anything that holds my attention. I've tried book after book and I just can't stick with anything. I know it's a busy time right now and that's why I can't get into a book, but I'm ready to find a story that is unputdownable.

Today I decided to share a few of the books that I've attempted to read here lately, but just couldn't get into. Feel free to try and convince me to give a book another shot!

The After Party by Anton Disclafant. This book sounded exactly like my favorite kind of book: a good southern debutante novel. I just could not seem to connect to any of the characters. The writing just felt dull. Maybe if I had kept going with this story I would have gotten into it. Have y'all read it? Should I try again?

I'm probably one of the few that didn't like this one. Granted, I only read the first 35 pages or so, but I was confused about several parts in this one. Some of the characters just didn't make any sense and I wondered if that was because it was an Alice in Wonderland retelling/prequel/variation. 

It saddens me that I could not get into a book that Reese Witherspoon recommended. A few of y'all even messaged me and suggested I pick this up. I only read the first 15 pages, so I didn't really give it a fair shot, but there was so much description and I prefer more dialogue and interaction among the characters. Should I try it again?

I really wanted to love this one. The plot is compared to Gossip Girl, so I was very excited! I read the first 75 or so pages and I was so confused about the world and the skyscraper. I just couldn't visualize what a building like that would even look like. 

I'm dying to find a romance book like Lauren Layne's Wedding Belle series. I ordered the first one in this series and hated the edition they sent: a small pocket book. I can't stand reading small editions like that. Has anyone read the series? Should I just look past the smallness? :)

I was skeptical about this one, but when I visited my local library and saw that it was in, I decided to give it a go. I couldn't get into the story and after reading reviews of it, I realized lots of other people had the same problems as me. What did y'all think? 

Sooo any suggestions on what I should read next? I've ordered this one and it's suppose to be here tomorrow. I've also got an ARC of this one that I'm going to try out tonight. Wish me luck!

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