Dec 7, 2015

October/November Book Reviews

Yep, it's December and I'm posting my October and November book reviews. Better late than never, right? I thought about skipping this post because it's so late, but I did really want to share these books with y'all because there were some great ones that I read during the months of October and November. Let's get started!

After seeing this one on Reese Witherspoon's Instagram, I knew I had to check it out. I never realized how much I liked the crime genre. I never thought I'd say that either but all these Gone Girl inspired books are great! I haven't been able to get through GG yet though. 
In a Dark, Dark Wood is about a group of women and a guy who go away to this glass house in the woods for a bachelorette party and someone dies. It was really good and kept me guessing until the end! 

I can't remember how I discovered Taylor Jenkins Reid, but boy am I glad I did! Maybe in Another Life was my first read of hers and it was one of my favorites of October/November. It was about a choice the main character makes one night after seeing her old flame. One set of chapters shows the life she had if she stayed the night with him and the other set of chapters shows her life if she left. Love, love, love!

I've seen Jojo Moyes books on the shelves for a while now, and I've never brought myself to read one because I HATE the covers! They look like books from the 1970's! Ew! I decided to not judge a book by its cover and picked this one up. Oh my goodness. It was wonderful, but make sure you bring tissues! I don't think I've ever cried as much after reading a book as I did when I finished this one. 
There's a sequel to this one called After You, but I'm not reading it. It couldn't possibly be like I want it to after this one's ending. 

Karen Slaughter's Pretty Girls is another Gone Girl inspired (in my opinion) and I was excited about it! Sadly, it didn't live up to what I wanted it to be. It was way too much about the process of uncovering the husband's lies and not enough about the actual story of how the characters got to where they did. If this plot had been written like Big Little Lies or The Husband's Secret, I would have loved it! The idea of the storyline was great, but the execution was a miss for me. 

The Mara Dyer series is a YA trilogy. I read the first two a few years ago and the last one came out earlier this year. I remember LOVING this series when I originally read it, but I remembered nothing about it, so I decided to reread the first two before getting the third. 
My taste in books must have changed because I did not find this one interesting at all. I managed to get through the first one, but I was ready to move onto something else and decided to abandon this series! 

After reading TJR's Maybe in Another Life, I immediately ordered this one and After I do. I loved this one, but it was a sad one! I read it and Me Before You back to back and after finishing them, I definitely needed a happy, light hearted read! This one is about a girl and a guy meeting and falling in love in six weeks. They get married and 6 days later the guy dies. This book is the story of how they met and how the girl moves on. It's a great read! 

Hits: In a Dark, Dark Wood; Maybe in Another Life; Forever, Interrupted; Me Before You

Misses: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer; Pretty Girls

October/November Favorite Read: Maybe in Another Life

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  1. Lol you are cracking me up!! Because clearly...nothing good ever came out of the 70s hahaha. Taking don't judge a book by its cover to a whole new level. I love Jojo Moyes, you should pick up more by her.

    1. :) :) I ordered The Last Letter From Your Lover. Have you read it?



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