Oct 1, 2015

September Reads

Happy October 1st friends! October is my absolute favorite month because it's my birthday month! We can't forget about September, though! September saw some great reads and I can't wait to share them with y'all! :)

My favorite book this month, hands down, was Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling. I adore Mindy Kaling. She is so funny, witty, and smart! I loved her as Kelly Kapoor on The Officeand I love her as Dr. Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project. She's just such a great role model! I've read her first book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and Other Concerns) and loved it, but this one is even better! It's a quick read that I could not put down! 5 Stars. Loved it!

Emmy and Oliver is a YA book that is such a cute, light read! It's about a boy who is taken by his father when he is young. Even though he's essentially been kidnapped, the boy doesn't realize this. He thinks his mom ran away from them. He discovers the truth when he is 17 and returns to his hometown. His friends have never forgotten him and the book focuses on him to trying adjust to the life he left behind in 2nd grade. The book is written from his best friend and neighbor's point of view.  I couldn't put this one down! 5 stars! 

So I had never heard of Everyday by David Levithan. I stumbled upon it while browsing books on my iPad. My mom was having surgery and I needed a book to read while I waited. I'm not a huge fan of reading on a tablet, but I didn't have time to go to a book store, so I was forced to look at the bright light! :) I just don't know about this one. This idea is good: "A" is trapped in different bodies every day and is forced to be a different person each day. He develops a relationship with Rhiannon (which I pronounced like the singer the entire book!), the girlfriend of one of the bodies he lives in one day. Maybe it was just that I had a lot going on at the time, but I didn't really connect with this book. It wasn't one I thought about all the time and wanted to read when I wasn't. 3/5 stars. It was just okay.

Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica was great! I read The Good Girl by her and it was wonderful, so I knew I had to pick this one up when it was released in late August. It's about a woman who brings in a girl with a newborn baby off the streets into her home that she shares with her husband and daughter. There's a twist at the end that I didn't see coming, and I love books like that! I didn't like this one as much as The Good Girl, but I still really enjoyed it! 5 Stars!

Fun Fact: I picked up The Good Girl after seeing it compared to Gone Girl, which I've never read!! I LOVED the movie, but I've never read the book. Have you? Should I read it? Let me know!

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