I'm crying over the fact that June is pretty much gone. I always get sad at this point during the summer. School will be back in session before we know it and although I love teaching, nothing beats summer time! 

Today I'm sharing my June favorites with y'all. I've made a big effort in upping my skin care game and I've done great this month! I have a whole bunch of empties to share with y'all later this week!
Here are my favorite products/things from this month, including a dupe for Lush's Ocean Salt! 

My favorite book this month was The Husband's Secret, although Big Little Lies was equally as good. If I had to pick one, it would be this one. You can read my June Book Reviews here

I saw this product on a quick Ulta trip and thought to myself "That would never work". But then I started reading the back of the bottle and figured I'd try it out. I am loving this moisturizer! You put it on as soon as you get out of the bath or shower. Even before you dry off. You put this product on and then dry off. It's suppose to be strong enough that you don't have to moisturizer your skin afterwards, but I still do. I don't feel like it is a stand alone moisturizer, but it provides a good base. Plus, it smells good! :) I only use it at night.

 I have been loving the 'beautiful day' scent from Bath and Body Works this month. Their body butters are my favs! They are so great at moisturizing your skin without feeling greasy. The scent is great for summer... light and fresh! They are also on sale right now so stock up!

This Pixi nail color in Fluoro Flamingo is the perfect summer color! The online picture looks nothing like its true color, which is more how it's seen here. Let me warn you...it's bright! I love it on my toes!

I'm skeptical of all these gel top coats out there right now. Of course, that didn't stop me for buying them! I'm really impressed with the one by Essie. My nails went 3 days without chipping, which is great for me because my nail polish is always chipping after the first day! #teacherproblems 
This topcoat also made them really shinny!

I'm usually a lipstick girl, but for those no makeup/light makeup days, I've been loving the NYX butter gloss in strawberry parfait. The formula of these glosses is really good. They aren't sticky at all. Love!

Philosophy's margarita scent is quite possibly my favorite scent ever. I've used their body wash in this scent before, but it doesn't stay with you after your bath or shower. It smells fabulous during the shower, but you can't smell it afterwards. This foot cream isn't like that. I've been using it on my feet before bedtime and sleeping in socks. I'm now searching to see if they have a lotion in this scent. It is perfect for summer! 

Another random laundry product, but I just had to share the Gain Scent Boosters in Tropical Sunrise. Oh my goodness this is a good one! It fills my entire laundry room with a delicious smell and make your clothes smell great too! This is my new favorite of all the scent boosters. 
FYI: I only like the bead-like ones, not the little bags of powder. I've had problems with those not breaking all the way and not washing out of the wash. That hasn't been an issue with the bead ones though.

Game Changer! I LOVE Lush's Ocean Salt, but it is expensive! $35! I found this one from C. Booth at Ulta that is just like Ocean Salt, but better! And at $9 a tub it's a whole lot cheaper! I cannot get over how great this product is! The grains are bigger in this one as compared to the Ocean Salt, providing a stronger scrub. I've noticed a huge difference in my skin after using this. Love, love, love!

It's been HOT this summer and I've been loving my Ashley Brooke Designs Ice Ice Baby tumbler! I really want this one too! 

Hey y'all! It's time for June's book recap/review. One of my summer goals has been to catch up on all the reading that I simply don't have time for during the school year. May started off great! I read some of my favorite so far this year like The Girl on the Train, Luckiest Girl Alive, and The Good Girl. Apparently in order for me to REALLY like a book, they have to put the word "girl" in the title haha!

June has seen some not so great books that just didn't click with me, but let's start with the two that I really did love!

                                                                  The Husband's Secret
I LOVED this book! I actually purchased this back in October and it has been sitting on my coffee table for the longest because the cover is so pretty! I finally picked it up after reading What Alice Forgot (which is great too!). This book follows 3 different women and I normally hate that, but Liane Moriarty has made me rethink this. I LOVED how she made the characters connect in a way that I completely didn't see coming. This one was my favorite of June!

                                                                       Big Little Lies
If The Husband's Secret was June's winner for Best Book, then Big Little Lies was the runner up. I'm completely sold on anything Liane Moriarty writes. I'm about to start The Last Anniversary which I've heard great things about. This book also followed the lives of 3 different women that all have kids in the same kindergarten class. I loved this because it dealt with their experiences of starting school. It was also funny to see how the teacher attempted to handle the out of control problems. Loved this one!

                                                    The Status of All Things: A Novel
I picked this one up after seeing it on several summer must reads lists. It had the potential to be really good. The main character gets the opportunity to rewrite her past through Facebook posts. The writing just wasn't there for me. The characters weren't developed and I didn't find myself thinking about the book whenever I wasn't reading it (I SO did this with Big Little Lies and The Husband's Secret). The love story felt forced to me and seemed rushed at the end. This book was just ok for me. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either.

                                                               The Moon and More
I haven't read a Sarah Dessen book since college, but they were always quick, fun reads. So when a friend told me she was reading this, I decided to try it. I HATED this book! It looked to be a light summer YA read, but I read until about p.150 and nothing happened! It was not at all how I remember books by this author. I don't know if this one was just a fluke or if my taste in books has changed, but I just wasn't a fan of this one.

                                                                       Beach Town
I LOVE Mary Kay Andrews. There's nothing better than a good chick lit novel set in the south, and MKA always delivers....until now. Her last book, Save the Date, was my favorite book of last summer so I had high hopes for this one and it was sadly a disappointment. The book focused WAY too much on the process of making a movie and not enough of the interactions between the characters. There were seriously two entire pages dedicated to how the main character set up the movie set for the day. I just didn't like this. This was the first Mary Kay Andrews book that I didn't like though!

I feel like a grump as I look back through the book failures this month. May was such a great reading month that I should have started monthly book reviews then! Here's to hoping July brings better reads! :)

My hallway has been seriously lacking and I knew it needed to be addressed. This turned out to be the simplest project and I am so happy with the after. I even threw in a little (okay, tiny) DIY when I spray painted the lamp, but that's actually my favorite part! I love the pop of blue! 

Here's the before. I found the half moon table at TJ Maxx, intending on placing it in another area of the house and when I brought it home, I realized it was the perfect fit for the hallway. 

I also knew a lamp was a must. I despise over head lightening. The lamp lights this area of the house perfectly, creating a cozy atmosphere. 

I had originally envisioned a decorative mirror hung over the table, but that looked odd because of the height. I found this print from Anna Bond of the Rifle Paper Co and fell in love. I have her lemon print in my kitchen and it's one of my most favorite things ever! :)

And how great are these command stripes for hiding those ugly awful cords. Love!! 

Happy Monday, y'all! 

 Confession: I've been a little lazy on my skin care and beauty regime, y'all. In an effort to get better, I'm going to start posting more product reviews to share with y'all. Here are some products that I finished up last month. Some I loved, some I hated, and one is seriously life changing. Read on to discover! :)

Ulta Sparkle and Shine Show Gel in Peaches and Cream
To me, all shower gels are pretty much the same. So when I try out a new shower gel, I'm basically going off of the scent. This scent was TOO "perfumy". I like nice fresh, clean scents that are light and this one was just too heavy!
Repurchase?: Nope!

Bath and Body Work's True Blue Spa Line
60 Second Manicure Hand Scrub
I LOVE this product! It makes your hands feel so soft after using it! Although I do love this product, the hand scrub from Sally's is just as good and cheaper.

Repurchase? Yes, but only on sale or with a coupon. Otherwise, I'm heading to Sally's!

The Body Shop's Body Butter in the scent peach
I LOVED this product! I used it up in record time! Their body butters are amazing! I usually only put them on at night time because they're heavier than a regular lotion. The thing I love about the ones from The Body Shop is that I can still feel them on my skin when I wake up in the morning. I feel like it's really moisturizing and helping my skin. 

Repurchase?: Absolutely!

Lush's Ocean Salt Scrub
I just realized this was a face scrub as well as a body scrub. There is NO WAY I could use this on my face! This scrub is harsh and my face is way too sensitive. I do love it, but there are some cons.
It's expensive for the amount you get and it doesn't last very long. I use it sparingly and even then I feel like it's used up in the blink of an eye. Another downside is the inconvenience. The closest store to me is over 2 hours away. It's a good product, but not a must have. 
Repurchase?: When I'm in a splurge mood! :)

Batiste Dry Shampoo
One of my favorite dry shampoos. You can't go wrong with this product! I always pick up a can when I go to TJ MAXX.
Repurchase?: Of course!

Aveeno Makeup Removing Wipes
Hands down my favorite makeup removing wipes. I have to be careful with wipes, because they tend to break me out, but these are wonderful for my skin. I always use these to remove makeup before cleaning my face at night. 
Repurchase?: Yes, Yes, Yes!

Tresemme's Dry Shampoo
I didn't dislike this dry shampoo, but I didn't love it either. It was just okay. It got the job done, but didn't wow me. 
Repurchase?: Yes, just because it's so readily available

La Mer moisturizing Creme 
I have wanted to try this product for about 3 years now, but let me warn you: it is EXPENSIVE. This little bitty jar is around $180. I splurged on this product back in November and fell in love. It comes with a little spatula for you to scoop out the creme and that makes it last a little while longer. I'm on my second container and when I use it consistently, I can tell a major difference in my skin. 

Repurchase?: Yes! Even with that crazy expensive price tag this product is worth it!

OPI Drip Dry
I LOVE this product! Simply drop it onto each nail after applying your favorite top coat. It dries your nails super fast! 
Repurchase?: YES!

Jergen's lotion in Cherry Almond. 
This is one of my favorite scents. My grandmother always had this in her bathroom and I always had to put some on when I was little. It now reminds me of my childhood and I love it :)
Repurchase?: Absolutely! One of my favs! 

Banana Boat Summer Color
I've tried MANY self tanners. This one is my favorite, but that doesn't mean I like it. I have yet to find a self tanner that works and looks good. I've tried St. Tropez, Jergens, the tanning towels, etc. I can't find anything that both has a pretty color and doesn't streak. This one has the best color, but streaks really bad and has a terrible smell. Seriously, after I put it on post shower I feel like I've just slathered mud all over my body and it just feels gross. 
Repurchase?: When I'm in desperate need of some color, yes

Bath and Body Works Hand Soap in Winter Cranberry
Yes, I realize it's no longer winter, but this soap managed to get pushed back in my cabinet and I didn't find it until recently. There's not much to say about a hand soap. Like shower gels, I pretty much just go off of scent and this one was fabulous!
Repurchase?: Yes!

Biolage Shampoo and Conditioner
I knew when I purchased this that this product never does well on my hair. But it has to be the best smelling shampoo in the world! I LOVE the smell of these two products, but sadly my hair just isn't a fan. 
Repurchase?: No

Soap and Glory's The Scrub of Your Life
I LOVE all Soap and Glory products and this one is no exception. The smell is amazing. It's also just a really good body scrub. 
Repurchase?: Yep!

Clinique's Sparkle Skin body exfoliating cream. 
This might sound like the same thing as a body scrub, but it is so much more than that. This is like a  creamy in shower lotion that also exfoliates. The smell is minty so it's really refreshing too. I LOVE this product!
Repurchase?: Yes! One of my favorites!

Yep, I realize that everything I've talked about so far falls under beauty and this is a laundry product, but I did finish using it in May and I wanted to share it with y'all. This is the Bounce In Wash Scent Booster. I've tried a lot of scent boosters, but I keep coming back to this one. I LOVE the smell and the fact that you can smell it days later. 

Repurchase?: YES!

What products are you loving? I'd love to know!


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