Mar 5, 2015

Book Review: I Remember You

Today was a snow day for me, so I did my favorite thing to do when we have an unexpected free day: read all. day. long. 
YA Fiction is quickly becoming my new favorite genre and this teen romance book called I Remember You is certainly one I'll remember for a long time. You can read the synopsis here, so I won't bother with details of the plot. What I loved about the book was the time traveling element. Lucas was the perfect male lead for the story and I really liked Juliet's character. I did have a slight problem with the way the author ended the secondary characters storyline, or rather lack of. Especially Rose. For her to have such big flaws, it seemed kinda odd that the author wouldn't mention how she ended up at the end of the book when it jumps ahead in time. 
Like a lot of books, I wish the story would have kept on going. I realize there probably isn't enough material for a sequel, but I would have loved to see the continuing story of Juliet and Lucas. Or maybe even another book in the series about Rose and Dex. A stretch, I know! 

Recommend to a friend: Yes! It wasn't the absolute best book ever and at times I wanted to punch the "second Lucas", but it was definitely a memorable one with a unique plot. 

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