Sep 16, 2014

Fall Trend: Booties

I am *loving* the fall bootie trend. Before I sink a lot of money into a pair, I wanted to "test drive" them to see if I really like them as much as I think I do. These old navy ones are darling! At $39.99 a pair, you can't go wrong! I've now got my eye on these pretties.

Sep 15, 2014

Miss New York is Happy

Did y'all catch the Miss America pageant last night? I *love* watching Miss America and Miss USA. There were SO many pretty girls last night and I thought I'd recap my favorites. In case you haven't heard, Miss New York, Kira Kazantsev won. 

Some felt her talent lacked, well talent. She played the cups a la Pitch Perfect to Pharrell's "Happy". Yes, it was a bit silly, but I enjoyed it. 

My favorite talent hands down went to Miss Ohio. How amazing was her performance??

The runner up, Miss Virginia was one of my favorites, along with Miss Tennessee, but I loved New York too. How cute is her face when she won :)

Who was your favorite? What do you think about the happy cups?

Sep 14, 2014

Fall Has Arrived At Pier One

I stopped by Pier One Imports today to pick up some placemats and could have stayed there all afternoon. Everywhere I looked, there was something I just "had" to have. I was good and only veered off track slightly, but I just had to share with y'all some of my favorites. Above is what I walked away with (I can't wait to share my tablescape with y'all!) and below are just a few of the items on my wish list.   

Sep 13, 2014

Put a Bow on It

Who doesn't love a good bow? They just add such a fun element to almost any outfit. One of my favorite places to find pretty bow bracelets is this little Etsy shop. Katie Bowhead not only has cute designs, but the quality is superb! The stitching is fabulous and she evens put a little label in the underside. I *love* my bracelet my sweet mom surprised me with and I can't wait to purchase more. I mean, how gorgeous are these?

You can also never go wrong with a KJP Vickers Bow

Sep 12, 2014

Sep 11, 2014

Product Review // Benefit Cleanser and Exfoliator

I'm not one to stray from my typical cleansing routine, but when the new Ulta opened close to me, I discovered Benefit's Foamingly Clean Facial Wash and Refined Finished Face Polish. I've got to admit, the packaging lured me in. Doesn't Benefit have the prettiest packaging ever?As soon as I started using this product I was hooked! The wash leaves my face feeling amazingly clean and the exfoliator is absolutely wonderful! I use the wash daily and the facial polish once a week. I've used Benefit's Total Moisture facial moisturizer  for years and these products work extremely well with it. I'll be making this a permanent fixture in my nightly beauty routine from now on.  I *love* these two products.

Sep 10, 2014


I've been trying to blog more frequently here lately on this blog and when I was planning out what to write about, I knew I had to do a "What I'm Lovin' Wednesday" post. This is one of my favorite series. :) 
This fabric. I'm using it to make mood boards for my office. Isn't it gorgeous? I found it at Hobby Lobby, but someone told me on Instagram that it's by Michael Miller.

This pretty lip color. This came in a BirchBox ages ago and I finally tried it this week. I am loving it! It goes on great and lasts all day! It also doesn't taste bad, which is always a good thing :) This color is called "violaceous"

Taylor Swift's new song "Shake it off" Please tell me I'm not the only one absolutely obsessed with this song. It's so catchy and fun! 

I adore Ashley Brooke Designs. How precious is this mug?! Lipstick stain not included :)

Who else is patiently awaiting season 4 of Scandal? I discovered this show a few weeks ago via Netflix and I am hooked! Oh my goodness, how sweet are Fitz and Olivia? And I really want to hate Captain Jake, but he's just too dreamy! I *love* this show!

I'm also loving this post from Caitlin over at Souther Curls and Pearls. She gives some fabulous advice on taking a good Instagram photo. I didn't even realized Instagram had a tools section since I hadn't bothered to update the app. I LOVE the brightening tool!

Sep 9, 2014

Office Inspiration

One of my favorite parts of my new house are the built ins in the office. I *love* them, but I'm having a hard time decorating them to be both functional and pretty. So far, I've got two shelves done.

See what I mean? Something still just isn't quite right. I'm finding inspiration in these lovelies.

Sep 8, 2014

Gorgeous Prints

I have a deep love for anything with a lemon on it. I adore lemons and when I discovered the Rifle Paper Co and their lemon art print, I knew I had to have it. 
Aren't those recipe cards adorable as well? I love swapping handwritten recipes and these will be simply perfect for jotting down recipes from my kitchen. 

I stumbled upon this online company by accident and have been hooked ever since my first visit. Aren't these prints gorgeous? 

They have many more goodies besides art prints. I am loving these fun notepads.

And my favorite item from the site are the phone cases. *swoon*

aren't these just the most gorgeous designs ever? Love!

All images via The Rifle Paper Co