Dec 3, 2014

Desk Organization: From Sad to Happy!

When I moved into my house 4 months ago, I pretty much just threw every office supply and book into the office with no organization to it whatsoever. Slowly it's coming together and I am able to take my time and sort what needs to be where so that I can make the most of the space and my time spent in it. 

After painting a junk store desk white, I made the inside a little bit more appealing to the eye and pretty, as well as a ton more useful. With some tips from the amazing Jen at I Heart Organizing, I think my office space is just about perfect. For me anyways :) Read on to find out more about how I organized my office space. 

When I opened the drawer, this is what I found. It could be worse, I know. It was just screaming, "Organize me!" "Make me pretty!" 

I started with some wrapping paper to line the bottom of the shelf (this made all the difference!), some scrapbook paper, and acrylic drawer organizers.  I lined the bottom of the organizers with some scrapbook paper after seeing Jen do this. It added a fun touch and some color to the drawer. 

Now when I open the drawer, I feel calm and happy. I'm able to easily get what I need and return to my work. 

Since I create anchor charts for my classroom, I need markers at my fingertips, so I made room for them in the back. This way I can take them out when I need them and put them back in their home when I'm done. 

I always like the keep paint samples around so they found a new home in the drawer as well. Those pretty colored paper clips were a Target Dollar Spot find. #score!

I am beyond obsessed with these gorgeous notebooks from Target. They came in a pack of 3 for $8 and they are by a company called Greenleaf. Are they not the prettiest things ever?? Love, love, love!

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