Nov 10, 2014

Office Progress

Piece by piece my house is coming together, but lately I've found myself working in my office more and more so that's where my decorating has been. I still haven't tackled those built ins, but the desk, gallery wall, and craft table are complete (for now!) 


  1. love love !! I want a tour of the WHOLE house! This was a great start!!!

  2. Such a great office space! Looks so spacious and organized. (:

  3. Very nice! I would love to gave room for all my stuff! I am such a visual person that when I pack up a project I am likely to forget it exists... Embarrassingly true! So I tackle what I call "machine gun projects" (can you tell I have 5 sons?). Anyway, in my lack of space, I have to do projects that I can finish in a day or two only... Oh, the things I could create in a space all to myself!!
    Thank you for sharing!



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