Oct 7, 2014

Handbags 101: My favorite handbags and what's in them!

My hands down, absolute favorite accessory is handbags. I always splurge on these items because you can carry them so many outfits and good quality handbags last forever! When I discovered Rue La La's Handbag guide on their blog, I was hooked and also inspired to post my favorite types of bags and what I carry in them. I know lots of people think it's silly to change your bag according to your outfit, but I'm a firm believer that the bag should complete the outfit. 

 As an elementary teacher, my day starts early! I'd love to say I am prepared and change bags every night, but that doesn't happen. Lots of times, I'm not inspired to pick out the day's clothes until my hair is in rollers and I'm standing in front of my closet. I needed a way to quickly empty the contents from one bag to another. I learned this little trick from Barbra Walters on The View. She puts everything into small bags so she can easily transport her things. Genius! 

Look how neatly everything fits in! No more digging in the bottom of the purse for spare change or a pen. 

Tory Burch Small York Tote (my current favorite! The small size is perfection) // Kate Spade iPhone Cover (So pretty, but REALLY shows fingerprints) // Lilly Pulitzer for Estee Lauder (old) // Kate Spade wallet (old) // The Husband's Secret // Gucci Sunglasses (Spring 2014)

Here's what I keep in the small bag. If I'm carrying a tote, there might be two small bags, but for the most part, this is what's with me daily. 

I am *forever* needing a charger for my phone, so I started keeping one in the bag. Lifesaver!

Now let's talk about my favorite types of bags! When I was looking at the handbag guide on Rue La La, I discovered what I liked and what just didn't work for me. Let's start with the clutch. 
This little darling is found on the handbag guide, but I just can't do this small of a clutch. In fact, for my life, it isn't practical. I don't find myself at many fancy parties that would call for this type of bag and theres no way I could carry everything I need for a day at school in this tiny bag. My clutches are more along these lines:

After reading the handbag guide, I realized my favorite type of purse is most definitely the tote. I couldn't live without my neverfull. It is a teacher's (or every girls!) dream bag. Perfect for carrying home all the books and papers to grade

What's your favorite type of handbags? Have you discovered Rue La La's Handbag guide? If you're a handbag lover like myself, you'll be hooked! 


  1. Wow, teachers in your area must make a lot more money than where I live! 1300 teacher bag?!??

  2. It's great that you allow yourself to splurge on a few things that you really enjoy. I know you spend a lot of time and energy designing items for TPT, so you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. I am a handbag girl, too. LOVE THEM!

  3. During the day I’m hands down a tote girl. For night I prefer a smaller clutch since I’m likely not carrying that much. I keep my purse contents in little bags too. It makes things so much easier!

  4. I just discovered your blog & completely fell in love! As an Education major, you're exactly the type of teacher that I hope to be. ;)
    Handbags are definitely a splurge item-but hey, you work really hard at school, so you deserve it!

    xoxo, SS


  5. LOVE your bags and LOVE your blog! I'm obsessed. So cute!

    I just started mine!

  6. Rue La La sent this blog post to me as an example and I LOVE what you did with this post. Not to mention, you've got some bad-ass handbags, girl! I need to get on your level. Loving your blog! Followed! <3


  7. Rue La La also referred me to ypur Blog. Very good post. Your bags are gorgeous. The LV Neverfull is one of the best bags in the market. It is spacious and carries a lot. Well done.

  8. Another Rue recruit here! They are sending you a lot of traffic from other bloggers! I'm not an LV girl but I love your Tory bags but especially the Gigi! I've had my eye on one for a while now but just haven't bit the bullet yet! I hope we can exchange links! Your blog is darling!


  9. nice post :)

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  12. I'm a 5th grade teacher who just stumbled across your blog! Love it! I don't usually carry anything other than a tote or my VB backpack to school...it's just not a great idea where I teach. I love a tory clutch at night, though! :) What a good idea using little bags! I think I"m going to have to take this idea!

  13. where did you get your strap for the tory burch bag??

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