Okay, I've heard all sorts of great things about Advocare's Spark drink, but I've never really thought anything about it until I started seeing a ton of people talk about it on Instagram. I finally broke down and ordered a box of it (which was kinda expensive!). I received it a few weeks ago and tried it the day I got it...at 4pm. It was NOT a good idea to drink it that late. It made me feel jittery and I had problems sleeping that night, which I assume was due to the caffeine. I thought it just wasn't for me and it sat in the cabinet until this morning. 

It is a rarity that I ever have a few extra minutes before I have to leave, so I started about fixing myself a cup of coffee when I rediscovered this product. I thought I'd give it another go and I'm so glad I did. Drinking it in the morning proved to be MUCH better!!! I had tons of energy throughout the day and it might just be my imagination, but it did seem to help me focus a lot better and be determined to get more done. I'm sold on this drink mix!

The flavor above is the fruit punch and it was delish! I'm thinking about trying the green apple next.

Have you ever tried Advocare Spark? What flavors do you like best?

I am currently painting a boring brown desk a crisp white in the hopes of becoming a more organized blogger. Some of my favorite pictures on Instagram and blogs are pictures of blogger's workspace. Don't these pretties just make you want to sit down and work! Here's hoping mine brings lots of inspiration and motivation!

I have been absolutely loving the big, tall vases from Pier One lately. When I saw this one, I knew it would wind up in my living room. I especially love the lit branches and the metallic ones that I found on clearance for $2.98! Later on, I find the pretty gold balls and branches in the Christmas department in Lowes and I thought they would work perfectly in the arrangement, which has found its home at the end of my hallway. When I get a picture above it, it will be complete! 

Pier 1 Imports has the CUTEST Halloween decor this year! I am just in love with this little guy. He's only available in stores, but this tea light holder is similar and just as cute. How adorable is that top hat!

It was my 28th birthday Sunday and I did absolutely nothing all day. It. was. wonderful. 

The nearest Starbucks is over an hour away :( I tried warming up this leftover hot chocolate the next morning and it tasted great! Now if I can just travel an hour out of my way every day. Oh, the struggles!

I am loving filling my house with fresh flowers. These have turned into a must have during my weekly grocery store trips.

I'm LOVING this DIY jewelry tray that I did with my Silhouette Cameo. Tutorial coming soon!

Sometimes I get in a mood where all I want to do is read. I've finished these juicy YA novels recently and they are great! Anna and the French Kiss is my favorite of all four. Stephanie Perkins writes a trilogy that features the same group of characters. The bookstore didn't have the second one, so I had to skip that one, but the 3rd made complete sense on its own. Now I'm going back and reading #2

Since there isn't a close Starbucks, I decided to make my own using the Starbucks mix. It was not good at all. It *may* have to do with the fact that all I had was skim milk. Whole milk probably would have made it better. 

I must confess: Fall isn't my favorite season. I'm all about fall for the first couple of weeks of October and then this girl is ready for summer! As a teacher, fall is by far the busiest time of the year. I love the laid back feeling of summer and it doesn't hurt to have two months off (trust me- all the work during the school year is worth it come Summer!)
Although Fall isn't my fav, I still enjoy getting to wear things that are a bit too heavy to wear during summer and I wanted to share my five favorite things today with y'all.

Plaid rain boots and gorgeous leaves. Sadly all the pretty ones are in my neighbors yard and mine just has the icky brown ones. 
Burberry rain boots (old, similar here)

Fall nail polishes 
You can read all about my favorite fall nail polishes here

Leopard anything

Old Navy leopard scarf and booties 

Starbucks Fall Drinks

My favorites are a hot chocolate (sound simple, but Starbucks BY FAR has the best!) and a white chocolate mocha. YUM!

Blanket Scarfs
Zara // Target has a great version, but I can't find it online. 

I've been shopping more and more online this season and while I was "browsing", I stumbled upon this really neat site, Raise. This site offers store gift cards at a discounted price! They have TONS of great brands like Banana Republic, Target, Zara, Pier 1 Imports, and many more! Not only can you buy gift cards, but you can also sell them too! That could really come in handy during Christmas time! 

What are your favorite things about Fall? Are you more a fall girl or summer gal?

Have y'all been watching How to Get Away with Murder. I became obsessed with Scandal via Netflix over the summer, so I started recording HTGAWM and I have to say, it's addicting! My favorite character is Michaela Pratt. I just love her style and the actress that plays her, Aja Naomi King is simply gorgeous! I always love recognizing fashion and accessories on TV shows and I squealed with I discovered she was carrying my new favorite tory, the York Buckle Tote. And can we just talk about her outfit. How pretty!
Are you loving How to Get Away with Murder? Any Scandal fans out there? 

After reading this article in SL, I'm inspired to finally decorate my coffee table.

I'm a *really* picky eater, y'all. I only eat certain foods and have never tried lots of foods like hamburgers, cakes, pies, etc. I tried pancakes for the first time this past weekend. Life. Changing. 

Loving this song! I'm not a big One Direction fan, but this song could change that. Also, my car looks dusty, but I promise it's not. I have no idea why the picture looks like that. 

I want the entire Kate Spade collection at Swoozies. It's all adorable! 

Speaking of Kate Spade, how gorgeous is her packaging? So pretty!

When I was in Swoozies, I discovered that they started selling Emily Ley planners. When did this happen? I'm dying for the colorful striped one! 2015, hurry up! :)

I'm loving this pillow that I grabbed at Hobby Lobby, but the more I look at it, the more I realize that it would be super easy to DIY. Project time!

I'll leave you with this adorable picture of my sleeping baby. I just love her :)

My hands down, absolute favorite accessory is handbags. I always splurge on these items because you can carry them so many outfits and good quality handbags last forever! When I discovered Rue La La's Handbag guide on their blog, I was hooked and also inspired to post my favorite types of bags and what I carry in them. I know lots of people think it's silly to change your bag according to your outfit, but I'm a firm believer that the bag should complete the outfit. 

 As an elementary teacher, my day starts early! I'd love to say I am prepared and change bags every night, but that doesn't happen. Lots of times, I'm not inspired to pick out the day's clothes until my hair is in rollers and I'm standing in front of my closet. I needed a way to quickly empty the contents from one bag to another. I learned this little trick from Barbra Walters on The View. She puts everything into small bags so she can easily transport her things. Genius! 

Look how neatly everything fits in! No more digging in the bottom of the purse for spare change or a pen. 

Tory Burch Small York Tote (my current favorite! The small size is perfection) // Kate Spade iPhone Cover (So pretty, but REALLY shows fingerprints) // Lilly Pulitzer for Estee Lauder (old) // Kate Spade wallet (old) // The Husband's Secret // Gucci Sunglasses (Spring 2014)

Here's what I keep in the small bag. If I'm carrying a tote, there might be two small bags, but for the most part, this is what's with me daily. 

I am *forever* needing a charger for my phone, so I started keeping one in the bag. Lifesaver!

Now let's talk about my favorite types of bags! When I was looking at the handbag guide on Rue La La, I discovered what I liked and what just didn't work for me. Let's start with the clutch. 
This little darling is found on the handbag guide, but I just can't do this small of a clutch. In fact, for my life, it isn't practical. I don't find myself at many fancy parties that would call for this type of bag and theres no way I could carry everything I need for a day at school in this tiny bag. My clutches are more along these lines:

After reading the handbag guide, I realized my favorite type of purse is most definitely the tote. I couldn't live without my neverfull. It is a teacher's (or every girls!) dream bag. Perfect for carrying home all the books and papers to grade

What's your favorite type of handbags? Have you discovered Rue La La's Handbag guide? If you're a handbag lover like myself, you'll be hooked! 

October is here and I am in full fall mode. I've broke out all my fall nail polishes and I'm sharing my favorites with y'all today :)

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

What's your must have fall nail color?

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //

Lately I have been *obsessed* with gold. I find myself navigating towards gold details in jewelry, office supplies, and home decor. These are a few of my favorite gold picks. I am DYING for that Tory watch!  Not to mention the entire Kate Spade office decor collection


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