Sep 13, 2014

Put a Bow on It

Who doesn't love a good bow? They just add such a fun element to almost any outfit. One of my favorite places to find pretty bow bracelets is this little Etsy shop. Katie Bowhead not only has cute designs, but the quality is superb! The stitching is fabulous and she evens put a little label in the underside. I *love* my bracelet my sweet mom surprised me with and I can't wait to purchase more. I mean, how gorgeous are these?

You can also never go wrong with a KJP Vickers Bow


  1. These bow bracelets are adorable!! I'll have to check out her etsy site!! I especially LOVE the gold and sparkly one!! :)


  2. I love the bows, reminds me of Betsey Johnson. :)

  3. I love Katie Bow Head bows! I have 2 and am working on getting 2 more! They are all so adorable I just can't resist them.
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