Jan 7, 2014

Product Spotlight//Try, Don't Try

I'm going to start a new little series that I like to call "Try/ Don't Try". It's sort of like a product spotlight where I give my thoughts on a certain product.
To start off the series, I'm talking about a stocking stuffer I received during Christmastime. 

I've seen this product for awhile now and always walked right on by. $22.50 for what is basically a Chapstick. Even I thought that was crazy and I can pretty much justify anything when it comes to fashion or beauty products. I have always wanted to try it though, so I put it on my wish list and received it as a stocking stuffer.  
Oh my goodness, y'all it's worth every bit of that $22.50. I've been using it constantly and I'm almost about to run out. I've NEVER ran out of a Chapstick. It's that good. I love putting it on before I apply lipstick. It makes the lipstick apply much more smoothly and feels a lot more moisturizing. 

{My thoughts}
 Definitely try this. You'll never use another lip balm again. Although it is a bit pricey, it's worth it!

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