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My obsession with Mean Girls has rolled over into my home decor. I've seriously been obsessed with this floor mat and am searching high and low for a plain one to DIY myself. In the meantime, I whipped up this simply, yet pretty picture for my nightstand. It makes me smile and remember that part in the movie every time I look at it :) You can snag this free printable here and just print onto light pink paper (or whatever color you prefer!).

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Aren't these pearl rings simply the prettiest things you've ever seen? I always love finding a few pieces of costume jewelry in my stocking every Christmas and I'm hoping some of these lovelies find their way to my house this year! #1 and #2 might be on their way already ;) Be sure and check out #6...$3!!!!

Have y'all seen the gift wrap from Evelyn Henson? It is to die for! I ordered the pink Cheers print and it inspired me to go with a pink and gold color theme for my first Christmas in the new house. How pretty is this paper?? Love, love, love. Check out all of Evelyn Henson's wrapping paper here. I've got my eye on this print too! 
You can find the gold stripe and solid paper at TJ Maxx (they have the best gift wrap right now!) and the gold glitter and polka dot from The Paper Source (my newest obsession). The gold glitter is gorgeous, but will not stay put with tape...I had to break out the hot glue gun! 

Happy Tuesday y'all! :)

This door mat. Regina George would be proud. 

This gorgeous gold pouf from Lulu and Georgia.

This pin. Is that hair not simply beautiful? Not to mention the makeup. I want it all. 

This front door from Adrienne Gilliam's house tour on The EveryGirl. 

This DIY Mani/Pedi Guide. A spa night is calling my name. 

This tutorial on how to wear a blanket scarf. Am I the only one who cannot get this right?? I feel like I can never get it to lay down. This tutorial was helpful though. 

Who else is addicted to Scandal? I am obsessed after binge watching the first three seasons on Netflix over the summer. I saw this online and thought "Oh my goodness! That's so me!" I adore Fitz and Olivia Pope together. I think Jake is goregous, but Fitz is just so sweet about Olivia. Love, love, love this show! Thursday nights aren't the same anymore after the winter finale. Who else is counting down the days 'til Jan? 

When I moved into my house 4 months ago, I pretty much just threw every office supply and book into the office with no organization to it whatsoever. Slowly it's coming together and I am able to take my time and sort what needs to be where so that I can make the most of the space and my time spent in it. 

After painting a junk store desk white, I made the inside a little bit more appealing to the eye and pretty, as well as a ton more useful. With some tips from the amazing Jen at I Heart Organizing, I think my office space is just about perfect. For me anyways :) Read on to find out more about how I organized my office space. 

When I opened the drawer, this is what I found. It could be worse, I know. It was just screaming, "Organize me!" "Make me pretty!" 

I started with some wrapping paper to line the bottom of the shelf (this made all the difference!), some scrapbook paper, and acrylic drawer organizers.  I lined the bottom of the organizers with some scrapbook paper after seeing Jen do this. It added a fun touch and some color to the drawer. 

Now when I open the drawer, I feel calm and happy. I'm able to easily get what I need and return to my work. 

Since I create anchor charts for my classroom, I need markers at my fingertips, so I made room for them in the back. This way I can take them out when I need them and put them back in their home when I'm done. 

I always like the keep paint samples around so they found a new home in the drawer as well. Those pretty colored paper clips were a Target Dollar Spot find. #score!

I am beyond obsessed with these gorgeous notebooks from Target. They came in a pack of 3 for $8 and they are by a company called Greenleaf. Are they not the prettiest things ever?? Love, love, love!

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Piece by piece my house is coming together, but lately I've found myself working in my office more and more so that's where my decorating has been. I still haven't tackled those built ins, but the desk, gallery wall, and craft table are complete (for now!) 

Okay, I've heard all sorts of great things about Advocare's Spark drink, but I've never really thought anything about it until I started seeing a ton of people talk about it on Instagram. I finally broke down and ordered a box of it (which was kinda expensive!). I received it a few weeks ago and tried it the day I got 4pm. It was NOT a good idea to drink it that late. It made me feel jittery and I had problems sleeping that night, which I assume was due to the caffeine. I thought it just wasn't for me and it sat in the cabinet until this morning. 

It is a rarity that I ever have a few extra minutes before I have to leave, so I started about fixing myself a cup of coffee when I rediscovered this product. I thought I'd give it another go and I'm so glad I did. Drinking it in the morning proved to be MUCH better!!! I had tons of energy throughout the day and it might just be my imagination, but it did seem to help me focus a lot better and be determined to get more done. I'm sold on this drink mix!

The flavor above is the fruit punch and it was delish! I'm thinking about trying the green apple next.

Have you ever tried Advocare Spark? What flavors do you like best?

I am currently painting a boring brown desk a crisp white in the hopes of becoming a more organized blogger. Some of my favorite pictures on Instagram and blogs are pictures of blogger's workspace. Don't these pretties just make you want to sit down and work! Here's hoping mine brings lots of inspiration and motivation!

I have been absolutely loving the big, tall vases from Pier One lately. When I saw this one, I knew it would wind up in my living room. I especially love the lit branches and the metallic ones that I found on clearance for $2.98! Later on, I find the pretty gold balls and branches in the Christmas department in Lowes and I thought they would work perfectly in the arrangement, which has found its home at the end of my hallway. When I get a picture above it, it will be complete! 


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